The World War Z movie production part 3 – Behind the Scenes and Special effects


The meatier focusing on the initial outbreak , the visual and special effects of two major action sequences and a closer closely the implementation of the structure …


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  1. all-time fucked-up ridiculous film ……<

  2. flo richi says:

    pampers for makeup, they could have saved thousands would they have bought a cheaper brand.

  3. Niko MM says:

    Clover is better then world war z

  4. Niko MM says:

    Cloverfield i meant

  5. Eydis says:

    Zombies that can run and climb are the scariest!

  6. TheNancyc1 says:

    This movie gave me anxiety, especially in the scene where he comes face-to-face with one! I had to watch the behind the scenes just to calm down!

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