The Zionist-Controlled Ministers of Terrorism Manufacture the Demolition of Syria


Susanne Posel

Earlier this week, at the UN General Assembly’s annual ministerial meeting the accusation that the US and Israel are “aiding terrorists” was voiced by Syrian representative al-Moallem. He said: “This terrorism which is externally supported is accompanied by unprecedented media provocation based on igniting religious extremism sponsored by well-known states in the region that facilitate the flow of arms, money and fighters through the borders of some neighboring countries.”

The Syrian National Council, a front proxy group with ties to the Bilberberg Group, claimed it is impossible to have a “genuine political dialogue” with Syria. They retorted that al-Moallem is purveying propaganda for the Syrian government.

Al-Mollem maintains that the US and Israeli interference in Syria and their quest through proxy war to bring down Assad’s government are disregarding “the domestic affairs of Syria, and the unity of its people and its sovereignty.”

Proxy fighting in Damascus has destroyed the Old City, a World Heritage Site under UNESCO. According to the UN and activists working for non-governmental organizations (NGOs) there have been between 20,000 and 30,000 people killed in this 19 month battle.

Earlier this year, in Damascus, the Syrian “Stonehenge” was blocked off to researchers. Scientists had been unable to explore the ruins unearthed in 2009 due to the Zionists manufacturing conflicts.

Robert Mason, archaeologist for the Royal Ontario Museum, believes that these ruins date back to the Neolithic period or the Bronze Age. The stones are artificially arranged in “what looked like a landscape for the dead and not for the living. Something that needs more work and I don’t know if that’s ever going to happen.’

At the Summit of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation in August, Muslim leaders engaged in conversation concerning that Syrian “situation”. They suspended Syria to isolate the Arab nation diplomatically which was deemed an “excellent idea”, according to Saudi Arabian foreign minister al-Fasial.

Last month, the CIA-supported Free Syrian Army (FSA) was forced out of a Syrian government military compound. The FSA attempted to acquire the Syrian Army Headquarters; however the building was burned to the ground. Using improvised explosive devices (IEDs), the FSA detonated car bombs to torch the compound.

Mohammed Morsi, Muslim Brotherhood operative and president of Egypt, created the Islamic Quartet of regional powers; as a think-tank under the guise of wanting to end the violence in the region. However, this consortium of interested persons have not produced a “specific plan of action.”

The rhetoric coming from the globalists at the UN claimed that the Syrian government was choosing the “path of war” in not acquiescing to the proxy takeover the their Arab nation by the Zionist regime. Edmond Mullet, UN peacekeeping chief said: “It is clear that both sides have chosen the path of war, open conflict, and the space for political dialogue and cessation of hostilities and mediation is very, very reduced at this point.”

Concerning the Syrian proxy war, Russia and China have remained adamant that they disagree with the stance of the Zionist regime that the conquest of this sovereign nation is inevitable.

The FSA is fighting on behalf of the usurpers that demand the removal of Assad from power in Syria. In response, Assad has “stepped up” his forces in defense.

Russian representatives participating in the UN envoy remarked that the Zionist regime are destroying this nation and called for a diplomatic solution. UN-backed NGOs have continued to blame the Syrian government for the actions of the CIA-sponsored FSA by saying: “This horrific attack killed and wounded scores of civilians and destroyed a whole residential block. Yet again, Syrian government forces attacked with callous disregard for civilian life.”

The FSA secured the Turkish/Syrian border crossing after violent confrontation. It was believed that at this point, Obama would officially enter into a war with Syria instead of continuing to fund the covert proxy war.

Associates of the Zionist regime, Egypt, Turkey and Saudi Arabia are alienating Iran and Syria for their alliance with Russia and China.
A circulating video clip portrays Austin Tice, former US Marine and a freelance journalist who is being held captive after having gone missing in Syria. The propaganda media are refusing to reveal details about why a former Marine was captured in Syria, however they are quick to allege that Islamic extremists and jihadists are to blame.

Murder and sabotage have been the Modis Operani of the Zionist regime through the FSA who are no more than a state-sponsored terrorist faction working for the US government. Laurent Fabius, French foreign minister showed his support for the subversive war when he called for the assassination of Assad in August. Fabius said: “The Syrian regime must be smashed fast.”

The nations controlled by the Zionists are banding together to display their disdain as they finance the FSA through their go-to Islamic terrorists, al-Qaeda.

Disregard for international law and state-sponsored proxy wars in the name of democracy turn flourishing societies in the Middle East into a draconian police states.

Hillary Clinton, US Secretary of State, William Hague, British foreign minister and their royal Saudi associates are creating a destructive and violent area in Syria by funneling “aid” to assist the FSA and provide US and Israeli weapons and IEDs to murder innocent civilians in an orchestrated campaign that creates refugees.

UN-shill, Angelina Jolie was brought to Syria to confirm the problem with refugees with Antonia Guterres, UNHCR chief. In Turkey, an estimated 80,000 Syrians have fled and are living in make-shift camps. Jolie said: “With the violence in the conflict showing no signs of easing up and the numbers (of refugees) growing… it is a very large concern for all of us.”

Jolie reported the obvious, that the Syrians do not want to live in a camp and that they are “traumatized and the Turkish government spoke about doing much to assist them and work now with psychological assistance. This is also very important.” Stuffing Syrians into uncoordinated camps is taking its toll on the refugees.

The combination of the Zionist regime, consisting of the US, NATO and Israel is building against Russia, China and Iran as Syriaremains in the middle. Using al-Qaeda within the manufactured-terrorists, the Zionists are able to bomb and attack Syria covertly. The implementation of al-Qaeda shows that the US government is involved – albeit under covert operations.

Mossad originating from Tel Aviv are actively engaged in intelligence wars in the Middle East on behalf of the Zionists. They are collaborating with the CIA , keeping a “low profile” at the Syrian border.

The Syrian National Security headquarters was sacrificed in a bombing in July to murder kill key members of Syria’s security and military command. The FSA has focused on terrorizing and murdering the people of Syria as well as carry out assassinations based on NATO intelligence.

Russian, Chinese and Iranian television have recorded and relayed the psy-op campaign in Syria, which is why Zionist-controlled mainstream media have condemned their lack of propaganda. Controlled opposition infiltrates the alternative media as fake reports purvey across the board.

Saudi Arabian Prince Bandar, an integral element in the creation of al-Qaeda has been providing intelligence from the US to Zionist-controlled interests and manufactured terrorists as well as manipulating militant groups as shills for the US government. Bandar’s relationship to the Bush family is well-known since its exposure after the false flag committed by the US on 9/11.

Bandar’s participation in the furtherance of the FSA’s proxy war is evidenced in the intelligence he has assisted in moving across the Middle Eastern Arab nations. The Saudi government has become silent over rumors of Bandar’s death. It was understood that he helped smuggle remote controlled bombs into Syria for the FSA to use in Damascus.

Susanne Posel’s Website is Occupy Corporatism.

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