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Netanyahu, Peres Urge Action Against Assad After Chemical Attack
By Calev Ben-David – Aug 25, 2013 6:02 AM ET

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and President Shimon Peres called for action against Syrian President Bashar Assad after his regime allegedly used chemical weapons against his own people.


August 25, 2013: “What happened in Syria is a terrible crime and a terrible tragedy. It cannot be allowed for the world’s most dangerous regimes to have the world’s most dangerous weapons.”

FLASHBACK: 2012 Headline from Israeli Newspaper, HAARETZ:

Netanyahu’s Conspiracy To Drag The U.S. Into War (here)



August 25, 2013: “The time has come for a joint effort to remove all the chemical weapons from Syria. They cannot remain there, either in the hands of Assad, or of others.”

obamanalturk0467.jpgPresident Shimon Peres presents Medal of Distinction to US President Barack Obama


MARCH 2012: “There is no difference between the United States and Israel on the issue of whether Iran should get a nuclear weapon. …. no one should doubt the president’s resolve.

Not just because of the security of Israel, but because of the security of the United States it is important that Iran not get a nuclear weapon.”



APRIL 2013: “The growing allure of isolationism in American politics threatens U.S. – Israel relations and is extremely dangerous for Israel’s security.”



AUGUST 12, 2013: “(Putin) is not taking us seriously (on Syria) and Iran. ……I call Putin a schoolyard bully. The only way to deal with bullies is to stand up to them.”



*Influential Chairwoman of Senate Intelligence Committee

October, 2011: “Iran is increasingly hostile. My hope is that there can be some kind of discussion that can be convincing for the Iranians to change course. Absent that, at one time or another, if you project out a number of years, we’re on a collision course.”



*Influential Chairman of Senate Armed Services Committee

July 16, 2013: US News & World Report

Levin to Obama: Ramp Up Involvement in Syria, Top Democrat says U.S. must do more to oust Assad in Syria

By Rebekah Metzler (here)

“There are targets we can reach. You can have a significant impact without violating Syrian air space and Israel’s done that by the way, Israel has done exactly that, from all the reports.”



HAARETZ / February 2013: “…(Israel’s strike on Syria) is proof that when Israel says something, we mean it….Assad’s fall is imminent, will strike major blow to Hezbollah and Iran..”


Israel deploys missile system near border with Syria

A missile is fired from an Iron Dome interceptor battery in Israel. (file photo)

The Israeli regime has deployed its missile system near its border with Syria as the rhetoric of war against Syria gains momentum.
On Tuesday, Israeli media reported that Tel Aviv has put its Patriot missile system on alert in north of occupied Palestinian territories where another missile system known as Iron Dome has been already operating.

Tel Aviv’s move comes after the US announced its plans to attack Syria.

In the last few days, US officials have repeatedly referred to “surgical strikes” on Syrian military installations while discussing US military options for Syria.

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  1. Ron Buchanan September 3, 2013 at 3:21 pm - Reply

    Not long ago I was reading about Syria and the sarin gas used against the general population , They “reported” that the Sarin Gas was NOT an Industrial manufactured product , meaning that the gas used was mor a home made brew , Not the same sarin gas used by more respectable entities. They also “Reported” that this Sarin Gas was NOT used by the Syrian Forces but rather by the opposition forces. Now suddenly yesterday I read , No tests have been conducted as of yet to determine the souce of the sarin gas??? It is being “Reported” Now that it was the Syrian Regime that dispersed the gas.. And a question… Why is OBUMMA supporting the “Muslim Brotherhood” ?? Something is very rotten , the tacts used are report one thing then to distract the masses to flood report another set of information being called Facts that just don’t add up . Attacking or Having Surgical Strikes against the threats to israel is what appears to be the real agenda. now lets face it israel has been a bit economical with the truth when it comes to their own activities over a few decades against people that just happen to be living and have been living on areas Israel wants to populate for centuries , But using media blackouts of the tru acts and spamming us with propaganda , while jailing or “Removing Journalists” forcefully from Hot spots seems to work for them , as well as spamming Us with their propaganda and warmongering . while we are being forced into sacrificing our democracy and freedom as well as everything else we Own , like Homes Jobs our future, is good for Our security?? When the only ones sacrificing anything is US NOT the wealthy controllers of a corrupted government , the politicians who seem to care more about their own wealth and power than anything else , people like the Koch Brothers who want slavery and anything they do put up as corporate heroism . is there something wrong or is it just me

  2. K.J.K. August 30, 2013 at 2:24 am - Reply

    if no one is sure who dropped chems–it could be: Russia, isreal, leb.,and/or others within, without Syria. who knows? with the world’s govs having tons of intelligence, spying, etc., anyone’s guess. horrific humanity exists.

  3. James M Nunes August 29, 2013 at 11:17 pm - Reply

    A Zionist is a political organization.
    A Jew is a religious and ethnic group that have adopted Judism as their religion.
    An israelite is a nationality.
    A Hebrew is a race of people.
    A Semite are people that migrated from former Mesapotamia between the Tigres and Euphrates rivers.

    Most people that live in Israel today cannot trace their geneology to the 1st century Hebrews because the records were destroyed when the Roman General Titus and his Roman Legions invaded Jeruselem in 70 AD sacking and destroying Herod’s Temple where the records were destroyed. The real Hebrews were from Judea.

    80% of the people living in Irael today do not practice any religion at all. Most of them are Jews maskerading as Hebrews.

    There are 2 main groups:
    1-Ashkenazi Jews
    2-Sephardic Jews

    The Sephardic Jews are from the middle east and the Ashkenazi are from the former Soviet Union. The Ashkenazi are merely opportunist that wanted to get some free land. Living in Israel today is like living in a armed concentration camp because there is a wall seperading Palestine from Israel and the housing that is being built on former Palestinian land is 4 stories high with cubicles to house the Jewish immigrants from the former soviet union. All those condominiums that are in Israel remind me ot former Warsaw Ghetto in Poland.

    I can trace my geneology to the phonecians on the border to the north of Irael which is Lebanon today. The phoenecians were a semetic people and were related to the Jews. They migraed to the east of Israel settled in the country called Moab and were refered as Moabites.

    I am getting sick and tired of the Jews playing the race card and calling themselves victims and getting foreign aid from the U.S. and reparation payments from Germany. I do not deniey that the hollocost took place but their has to be a limit to the amount of money they can receive. There are a lot of innocent people, mainly civiilians that get killed in wars. In the early stages of World War 2 the International Bankers were financing both sides of the war. It takes money to fight wars was financed through the Central Banks. If wan’t to blame somebody, blame the people in the world of high finance: International finance.

    • Chaos August 30, 2013 at 7:58 pm - Reply

      James…It seems you have done some research on your heritage. Do A LOT more research on the so called “Holocaust” of WWII Jews. Research both sides of the argument. The Zionist fabricated “Holocaust” use of Outrageous Bullshit stories of extermination on one side to brainwash the LOW IQ crowd. On the other side Holocaust Revisionists, some Jewish ( with HIGH IQ’s) tell a more factual story and conduct more accurate studies on what really happened. Revisionists have even broken in to the Main Camp at Auschwitz to retrieve Wall samples from “The Showers” or “Gas Chambers” to have them independently scientifically tested. No scientist is ALLOWED to verify any of the claims of the ZIONIST CONTROLLED GOVERNMENTS that have peddled these lies for 70 plus years. Gee…I wonder why no one is allowed to Verify what they peddle as the truth????? The False Flag Claims of the Zionist Occupied Government of Amerika that Assad Gassed his own people are Eerily similar to the WMD Lies that helped Kill 2.5 Million Iraqis. It is the same old Bullshit stories they invented about the Germans. In WWII Germany , Jews claimed that Nazis threw babies into fire pits….I find this Unbelievable and without any evidence to support their Fantastic claims. During the Invasion of Kuwait , there are video testimony of Kuwaitis witnessing babies being torn from Incubators by Iraqi soldiers…this was used as propaganda to justify the 2003 Invasion of Iraq and later found out to be LIES to incite EMOTIONS in LOW IQ Sheeple. Along with the effectiveness of the WMD Lies, the Zionists Bush , Cheney and their Jewish Buddy Rumsfeld Invaded a country and carried out a REAL GENOCIDE of 2.5 Million Iraqis (Those Numbers ARE NOT EXAGGERATED like the claimed 6 Million Jews of WWII). To make it simple for you to understand: The Zionists or Globalists or Banksters or whatever you want to call them have been LYING since they first spoke a word. These Zionist Banksters are VERY SMART and they know that LOW IQ Sheeple are easily moved by Emotional Fantastic Stories of Horror. So they will use them time and time again as they will use False Flag Attacks time and time again. It can even be reduced to simply “Divide and Conquer”… They are using their Zionist Tactics that WORK to Enslave us all.

  4. common law p.a.g. Chris August 29, 2013 at 10:42 pm - Reply

    The TRUE CRIME is the E ternEL HA-bitu-EL LIES these Glo-Ba’al Mercenary Terrorists tell ad infinitum?

    For they KNOW NOT the TRUTH! For they are of their father WHO is a Liar and They ARE Liars too!

    The Zion-Nazis Always tactically clAIM (clearly AIM to Deceive), their intended WAR VICTIM IS or appears Guilty of the demonic things the great deceiver’s seed of: HA sHA Tan does DO? The precise Motto of Zion-Nazi MO SODomites IS:

    By Deception we sHA EL do WAR? That IS what Terrorist WAR MON-“G”-ers DO: Rob Rape Conquer Steal Incest Homosex and PedophiliAH?

    Please PRAY to the ONE CREATOR for DEVINE intercession? PRAY

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