There Will Be No Super Bowl False Flag Event! It Has Already Happened!

Dave Hodges

Look! Up in the sky, it’s a bird, its a plane, no its the God of false flag attacks and it is going to destroy the Super Bowl. I have news for you, the real false flag events in this country have already taken place

How is that Kool-Aid tasting? There will be no false flag events on this Sunday’s Super Bowl. Do you want to know what the real False Flag Event consists of?  The real false flag happened the day you elected and then re-elected an avowed communist who believes in eugenics and is totally committed to the take down of this country as well as the destruction of 90% of all living people on the planet. Now we have to live with under the Executive Orders of this tyrant for three more years. THAT WAS THE REAL FALSE FLAG IN THIS COUNTY

Super Bowl 2014 The Ultimate False Flag Event

A few of us, who are enlightened enough to plan beyond next Friday, are wondering how could America have elected and  re-elected a hedonistic degenerate such as Obama?  The plain and simple truth is that we re-elected him because the people in our nation suffer from abject stupidity. America is an emerging third world nation because the education system in the United States is deliberately designed to dumb down the masses. Please spare me the rhetoric that the federal government is trying to reform and improve education. From George W. Bush’s No Child Left Behind to Obama’s Race to the Top, these “reform efforts” are designed to indoctrinate our youth into accepting the normalcy of living in a police state, accepting the false doctrines of global warming and eco-tyranny and accepting the inevitability of the establishment of a tyrannical totalitarian global government. I do not care how many children America does not “leave behind”, or how we are trying to “Race to the top (i.e. Common Core),” our broken education system will never ever be fixed.  Be happy with what you now have, because it is only going to get worse. Your children have already been the victim of a false flag event!

The education system will never get fixed because the people who run this country, don’t want the public to be able to think. I’m not talking about the political prostitutes who we supposedly elect to run this country. I am talking about the real people who own everything. I am talking about the people who own the banks, own the corporations, own the state houses, own the congress, own the president, own the judges and they own all the media companies so they control everything you see, hear and think. Most of all, they own and control you. This is your personal false flag event!!!

When you are looking to ascribe blame for the sorry state of affairs we find ourselves in, forget about the politicians, they are only put in place to make you think you that you actually have choice in November. You do not have any say regarding the decisions made in this country. You may as well shut up and sit down because you have slave masters and they own you. The slave masters give you a choice between vanilla and chocolate because they own both flavors. For myself, I will not vote in future elections because I don’t need to waste my time participating in a system that gives me the illusion that I have a choice. This is one of the most virulent false flag events you will ever find!

I have tried participating in a counter-revolution against the slave masters, by exposing their evil deeds, and it is the hardest thing that I have ever tried to do. This task was difficult for one simple reason, because 90% of Americans are dumber than a box of rocks! They have been so dumbed down by an education system created by the slave masters who only want the public to be smart enough to do their job but too dumb to question authority. And if you dare to question authority, you are labeled a conspiracy theorist. The slave master controlled media has the public so brainwashed that our ignorant countrymen think that two criminals would never get together and plan anything and only delusional paranoids would possibly think this is possible, because conspiracies do not exist. The government and their media partners have the public so blind to reality, that many of us have even accepted having our genitals being groped by the pot bellied perverts working for America’s brown-shirts, the TSA. And we accept this sexual abuse because our low IQ countrymen believe that by submitting to this tyranny, we will be kept safe from the terrorists being supported by the CIA. If you are looking for a false flag event, you just found it!

The slave masters spend hundreds of millions of dollars every year lobbying the degenerates that we elect into office in order to get the slave masters anything they want.  And when the politicians continue to short change the public we tell the politicians that they “suck”. What we fail to realize is that these politicians are us, they are raised in American families, they go to American schools, they are also indoctrinated by the American corporate controlled media. In short, these politicians are representative of the general public which has become lazy, greedy, morally bankrupt and stupid! Perhaps, it is not the politicians that suck, maybe it is the American public that sucks.You remember the old saying, “We have met the enemy and they are us.”

We all should all realize by now what these slave masters want, they want to own more and more and have you own less and less. The slave masters clearly state, in their writings, that they want to kill 90% of you so that they have less competition for control and usage of the planet’s resources. That is what they want, but I will tell what our masters don’t want, they don’t want a public that is capable of critical thinking. They don’t want a well-informed and a well-educated public who are capable of questioning their criminal actions. Now, that is a real false flag event!

Critical thinking runs contrary to the slave masters selfish interest, and that cannot be permitted. They want obedient slaves who can greet the masses of sheeple as they walk into their slave labor stores such as Walmart. They want people who are just smart enough to say, “Welcome to Walmart”, but stupid enough to keep accepting the lower pay, the reduced benefits, the stolen pensions and the eventual loss of their social security. Yet, another false flag event!

Through high school courses, such as Environmental Science, your slave masters want your children to passively accept an ever-expanding police state, the loss of civil liberties and the loss of your property rights as we all will soon be forced out of our homes and into the stack and pack Agenda 21 cities where the slave masters control everything, including how long we are permitted to live as a result of such wonderful innovations as Obamacare. Americans are so dumb that we pay several times over the next 10 nations for health care costs, but we only have the 51st longest life span in the world while we exist in a system that is systematically exterminating us. And 90% of us thinks this is the way that is supposed to be. There is another false flag event!

From time to time, I see an occasional ray of hope because even many of the 90% of the dumbed down population knows something is wrong, terribly wrong. They moan and groan about Wall Street and just when you think they are ready to join the resistance movement against tyranny, they plop back on to the couch and watch the latest game involving people they will never meet. Because 90% of these ignorant people immerse themselves in network television, corporate controlled radio and the propaganda rags we used to call newspapers, their perspective on the source of our troubles is skewed. Their intellectual growth has been stunted. Their moral development is dormant.

The 90% have been trained to not see the crimes of the puppet governments that we are forced to live under. If they are white, the media has trained them to hate blacks and vice-versa.  If they are of modest means, they are trained by the media to hate success. If they are a US citizen, they are trained by the media to hate illegal aliens for receiving free health care, unearned welfare and stolen social security benefits without having had to earn these benefits. I find it interesting that Mexican nationals, residing in the United States, will protest, by the hundreds of thousands, over being denied US citizenship, but they remain silent over the soft kill strategies being perpetrated by the slave masters as these same migrant protesters are eating GMO’s, breathing air that has been chemtrailed, drinking fluoride, taking unsafe pharmaceuticals and consuming aspartame in the same manner as US citizens. Yet, the illegals are worried about not getting a damn piece of paper which makes them a citizen in this dysfunctional and tyrannical government. This is all part of the divide and conquer plan emanating from the slave masters. The slave masters love to pit one group off against another because this takes attention away from their criminal ways and most Americans are too stupid to see through the charade because we hate who were told to hate by the slave masters. You have just met the false flag event of self-destruction!

What Mexicans, US citizens, blacks, whites, men, women, the poor, the well-to-do don’t realize, is that we are all bonded by our humanity and subsequently, we have the same natural enemies, namely the slave masters who are the real owners of this planet as they seek to destroy most of humanity in this process. .You have now met the false flag event of divide and conquer!

The masters and the politicians do not care about you. Let me say this again:

The politicians do not care about you!

Is it sinking in yet? Politicians run for office to enrich themselves and to gratify their ego by falsely believing they are doing something important. The slave masters and owners of this planet use the politicians to control you and to make sure you never figure out how badly you are getting victimized. Government is the enemy of humanity. Let me say that again:

Government is the enemy of humanity!

Thomas Jefferson once said that a country needs a revolution about every 20 years in order to control corrupt governments. Well, isn’t it time? Stop participating in the slave masters corrupt system. If you voted in the last election, you voted for your own demise. If you have money in the bank, you are participating in your financial ruination. Take your money out of the banks. Do you realize that the slave masters now have the legal right to abscond with your deposits? Stop shopping at the corporate owned stores. If you are dining in the corporate owned restaurants, you are participating in your premature demise. Stop dining in the corporation owned GMO-serving restaurants.  If you invest in the stock market, you are helping to build the slave masters New World Order. Stop investing in the world’s biggest Ponzi scheme, the stock market. In short, stop participating in the rigged games of the slave masters. Bring their system of bondage to its knees by refusing to participate. And if need be, be willing to die on your feet rather than by submitting to this tyranny while groveling on your knees.

While you are breathlessly watching and waiting for the ultimate Super Bowl of false flag attacks, remember the banksters have one hand in your pocket and the other one inside of your bank account.

How about a prediction for todays game? Broncos by seven. Seattle by 10? Who cares? Here is the real prediction: Globalists 666  Humanity 0.  Now, that is a score that really matters!

Enjoy the SUPER distraction on this, otherwise, uneventful Sunday. Do not fear for the participants in today’s Super Bowl, they are safe. It is you who should worry, while the false flag events of subjugation swirl around you! Enjoy the game today!

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9 Responses

  1. Hugh Mann says:

    “How could America have elected and re-elected a hedonistic degenerate”

    Elected? So you still think our votes count?

    Let me ask you this. Name one thing the government does or controls that is working correctly without corruption. I seriously doubt anyone will be able to answer this.

    As corrupted as every government system or agency is, what makes you think our votes count?

    Voting and polls are for suckers. Numbers can be manipulated to suit any agenda and who would be the wiser?

  2. archie1954 says:

    I am really surprised this website would give a platform to individuals like this liar and cheat to spread his venom around the net. I know there is freedom of speech but for Heaven’s sake, shouldn’t some semblance of truth and verity be part of free speech?

  3. Elaine says:

    Why isn’t the author of this story keeping up?
    HE WAS NOT ELECTED EITHER TIME. He got in both times with massive fraud.
    Why isn’t the author researching to find out WHO was behind him?
    Reveal all of his threats against Clinton for exposing him. She did make it public he was born in Kenya. He threatened her daughter. Where was the investigation against him?

    Who was behind him.

    Our country has been hi-jacked!

    • Ltpar says:

      Quit rationalizing the ineptness of conservatives in rolling over and letting the Pied Piper of Chicago get reelected. There was likely some fraud, just as there was under GWB, but that didn’t seal the fate of the election. What killed us literally was the Anti-Morman element who refused to support or vote for Mitt Romney. Bottom line is, all you religious nuts and Anti-Romney voters who sat on your hands and didn’t get involved are directly responsible for Obama’s reeelection. My response to you is to “shut up, quit whining and take your medicine like an adult.” “We have met the enemy and the enemy is us.”

      • Elaine says:

        You might want to go back and do research. I’d it for you…I do have everything in my files. BUT! You won’t believe it if you don’t see it for yourself.
        Romney DID win. This IS his quote: “It was out of my hands.”

    • archie1954 says:

      What absolute nonsense. I can’t believe the number of brain deads there are interspersed within the norms that respond here.

      • Elaine says:

        This was the Romney Campaign at Red Rock….I’ll let you look up the video of Obama’s Campaign Rally on the same night with only “200” people showing up vs. thousands and thousands at Red Rock for Romney.

        • archie1954 says:

          So he won Colorado didn’t he? We all know there are red states and blue states. Unfortunately for the red states (but in a democracy you get the government you deserve) they are completely mismanaged and require federal funds to make ends meet. The federal funds by the way come from the much more prosperous and well managed blue states.

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