Thermonuclear missile launch near Los Angeles is final sign of World War III



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  1. Cindy Hughes says:

    lol nope theres not gona be no missles or Nuclear war. the Galactic Federation of Light will not allow it. anytime a missle or a nuclear war head is about to be used? they ZAP it meaning Dismantled. This is kinda good because the GFL will land sooner now with u guys spreading fear about missles and all. Your actually helping them come land sooner. BTW China, Russia BOTH want Peace 😉 relax

  2. honeyhills says:

    watch ufo take out nuks then read about Gabriel daniel was held up by a prince a prince who had fallen beside him and Gabriel had to fight the dark fallen to get further dosnt say the fallen was dead but didn't say he wasn't. rev and war broke out in heavens fallen fight back but don't win

  3. honeyhills says:

    daniel didn't say fallen -prince wasn't ded .rev and war broke out in in heavenly realms means anywhere fallen fight back but don't win.shows the powers they have

  4. honeyhills says:

    youv got to stop the old Latin rehash or its just the same Latin was to stop people see where war been going on battle to stop Disstroyers from Disstroying and destroyers .aziels agendas to why Disstroyers ships called disstroyers

  5. honeyhills says:

    After their fathers aziels satan why do call ships disstroyers know their made for disstruction but no thought for doing it at all.dove like¿♤♤$$@♡♡?######## spread the news.soo awake.

  6. Good for to enpeach him

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