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These days ‘They Live’ is looking more like Science than it is Fiction. When compared to the world elite or the Illuminati and their obsession with controlling the …


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  1. joh joh says:

    are you saying jews are aliens

  2. dangzard says:

    Snowden exposed the elite, people forgot or thought it was normal. I have no faith in humanity.

  3. They live works on Presidential elections too, especially recent American one.

  4. QUEL NEGRO says:

    Masonic and secret society groups are not all bad people, plus put this into perspective, if a man has power what does that man want more than anything? more power, so what if aliens whether they live among us or not never trusted the human race based on the assumption that man is a greedy creature and has no respect for the laws and ways of the universe we live in. there are more types of alien races that exist and not all of them are bent on human destruction or slavery. If wars happen here on earth so does in space even though we don't see it because we never took the time to look up and dream, the saying says "as above as below"………………………….you guys really don't think that an elite group of people that can be wiped out at the blink of an eye by an alien race has been given power or technology to take over said alien race helping them? kinda like the same as giving regular people on the streets in any country illegal weapons of mass destruction, the internet too was a "good thing" not until people started doing illegal or bad things with it hence the restrictions, laws and policing on use of it these days, trust me if there is an alien race helping to control the human race here on earth there is surely an alien race that has something to say about it elsewhere, kinda like people that talk about the bad and dishonest things that happen in human wars or politics of governing bodies outside their country where war is non existant

  5. always loved this movie, but always hated the scene of the alien having sex with woman at the end..good video though…

  6. t00 sp00ky says:

    The Illuminati only exists when you think about them

  7. The look of those aliens reminds me of George Soros.

  8. Vagelis 4VP says:

    yes….only this is not about the Elite or the illuminati…the Elite are slaves too… the slavery by "Them" affects all humans. Both on top and the bottom of the pyramid.
    The slavery is about the Human Awareness…not about the physical slavery that we have between the masses and the Elite.

  9. BrianzXz says:

    Okay. Why can't any of you idiots read a history book? The Bavarian Illuminati was an organization that tried to EXPOSE the hidden tyrannical monarchy that uses RELIGION to enslave people. But you dumb motherfuckers think RELIGION is trying to set you free from the Illuminati. Dummies, the Trident of Persia, Judaism, Christianity, and Islam isn't about God, it's about Game of Thrones. It's mind control. Is there any hope for humanity,? You can't even tell the good guys from the bad guys. You side with your slavers every time….

  10. Kicker Kick says:

    It's like I'm constantly walking around with the "They Live" Glasses ?…. and it's driving me mad because like everyone else, I have no idea how to change the world for the better!

  11. bronxman says:

    Movie talks about the psychopaths – sociopaths – and narcissist. These types of people have no real emotions, and are more reptile and insect/hive minded types. Some if not most are the top leaders of corporations and government. Truly speaks of the epidemic of mental illness in the world.

  12. This is true we are all controlled and need to know the truth.

  13. Yak T.Ripper says:

    Sorry ODD Reality. John Carpenter, director of this Cult-Classic, and a favorite "bad" movie of mine, said this movie is about "yuppies" and "commercialism". It's right there buddy. He also named people who twist the message into something else as "Nazi fucks". Ouch.

  14. they live we sleep.

  15. They don't need unmanned camera drones. They keep track of us by monitoring our internet habits and how often we watch enlightening videos and movies such as this. They know full well who is comfortably sleeping and those who are desperately trying to regain consciousness.

  16. SS SS says:

    Fantastic video. 10/10.

  17. Tim Jim says:

    excellent vid.
    wrong about those people tho, not shills.

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