They were White and They were Slaves – (3 of 3)



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  1. LarkaSojourn says:

    Excellent Narrative. (read)

  2. sssssjjjj1 says:

    Zundle and Hoff II are a formidable pair. Zundle, head of prison system…..hallmark of mercy and fairness. Under him you would pay for your crime in a much more righteous and fruitful for the both parties.Put the prisoner into a job for his time instead of the current sit in a cell. The prisoner is paid the 10% below average national wage to give him possibly his first chance at a real loving life. They build their account for when they get out…they will have a FAIR start never enjoyed.

  3. Brilliant.

    Since the Stalinist usurpation of the Russian revolution, it's been the Slavs who have suffered most.

    1/3 of the "citizens" of Stalin's empire shipped off to slow-death work camps in railroad cattle cars (begun long before the Nazis started using them – that's where they got the idea from, as they did mass rallies and even the goose-step).

    Then when the Nazis invaded USSR in 1941 most of the Slavs rushed to them as liberators from Stalin, but they soon found they were no better!

  4. [2]

    Most of all I like what Mr Hoffman said about a large percentage of people being "sheep-like" or cattle-like.

    This is the real divide between different groups of humans – those who become automatons for whatever ruling class (be they plutocrats, commissars or feudal lords) and those who refuse to always accept the official view in…any field.

    Some people are so scared of thinking for themselves, or maybe of having to defend their views, that they look around for the safe "majority" view.

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