Things You Never Noticed About Your Favourite Disney Movies


Disney movies, eh? They are the paragon of childhood virtue, that wonderful studio that took on adventures under the sea, through the desert, and into the rain forest. Could there be anything more pure and wonderful than settling down with your loved ones and enjoying some wholesome, Disney movie fun? Um, yes. Loads of people have spotted filthy, cheeky, or downright crude jokes hidden in everyone’s favorite Disney films. We’ve compiled a list of the most unbelievable-how many did you spot before?


1. The Little Mermaid and the Phallic Palace

You might not have spotted this one-but the first time we see the palace in The Little Mermaid, freeze frame for a second and take a really good look. What do you notice? Well, I’ve give you a clue-if you were a Disney artists annoyed at losing your job and drawing a bunch of long, straight turrets for a kid’s film, what would you make them look like? Yep, that’s right-though the artist denies doing it on purpose, Disney have tried to scrap the frame from the movie after people started to complain.


2. Lion King and S.x in the Sky

Some also say that hidden in the face of Mufasa is the outline of a woman in a thong.


3. The Little Mermaid and more Phallic Fun

Yep, we’re still on The Little Mermaid here-and it looks like one particular priest would like to take that phrase a little more literally than I meant it. As Ariel weds her husband-to-be, the priest performing the ceremony is stashing some serious wood (or so it seems). Whether this was the work of another disgruntled artist we’re not sure, but Disney quickly wrote it off as a strange knee placement. That’s what they all say, Disney.

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4. Aladdin and the Subliminal Messaging

Aladdin-ah, the merry tale of a pauper turned prince chasing the woman of his dreams with the help of a manic blue genie voiced by Robin Williams. Adorable, right? Well, not for some people with very intent hearing. As Aladdin tries to get Rajah off the balcony as Jasmine steps out. Just as she walks into frame, a voice says “take off your clothes”. Stick the volume right up and you can definitely hear it. Though not in the new DVD releases-Disney, who continued to insist that the line was “Take Off and Go”, eventually cut the line from later versions of the movie.


5. The Lion King and the Words in the Stars

The Lion King truly is one of those complete classics that everyone knows and secretly loves a little bit-even if it’s just so they can hum the start of Circle of Life every time they pick up a kitten. But what you might not have spotted is the rather unfortunate arrangement of the stars in one shot-as Simba and company look out across the cliffs, the twilight sky is full of stars. Quite clearly, and for a good few seconds, you can make out the word “S.X” written across the sky in capital letters. Disney claimed it was a mistake-just an innocently hilarious bit of smut that accidentally found it’s way into this heart-warming tale. It was later claimed that the SFX had simply not made their secret tribute to their work clear enough, but you can make your own mind up about that.

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6. Hercules and the Yet More Phallic Clouds

You’d think that Disney would be pretty much done with both penis shapes and things in the sky-but you’d be wrong! We get a double whammy of how-did-that-ever-get-through-the-censors with the fantastic Hercules, which follows the tale of the Ancient Greek strongman. As Zeus creates the demi-God at the start of the movie, you can clearly see the clouds taking the shape of an erecting penis behind him. Disney have brushed if off by saying people have just seen what they want in the shot-shame so many people chose to see that.

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7. The Rescuers and the…oh, they didn’t, did they?

Yeah, you think it’s been bad up until now-you ain’t seen nothing yet, kid. The Rescuers is a lesser-known Disney film following your usual run-of-the-mill anthropomorphic rodents. That is, until they are involved in a careering chase scene in which they whip through the deserted streets of an urban environment-and, for a split second, past a poster advertising porn. Full-on, explicit porn. The movie was pulled as soon as Disney realized what their animators had been up to.

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8. Who Framed Roger Rabbit

I don’t think there’s anybody in the damn world who wouldn’t consider Jessica Rabbit one of the finest figures of womanhood to grace this planet-literally. So I’m sure many of you who grew up ogling her curves will love this rumour-when she and Bob Hoskins are thrown from the car, Jessica’s famous dress rides-to reveal for a split second that she’s not wearing any underwear. Pause buttons at the ready, people…


9. The Three Little Pigs and the Fate of their Father

Finally, something that’s not sex-just, um, seriously dark humour for a kid’s cartoon. As the three little pigs gather round the piano to belt out some catchy showtunes or other, you can see a line of sausages in a picture frame behind them-marked “Father”. Sure to make the more cynical among us smile, and the vegetarians weep. So really, a win all round! This is one of Disney’s most explicit hidden jokes, as they’ve never tried to deny it and it seems so gleefully dark.

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10. Hercules and the Flash Dancers

Hey, you remember that song in Hercules, Zero to Hero, right? Yeah, but you’re humming it as you finish this sentence. Well, you might also remember the scene it featured in in the movie-with the muses singing and dancing in their pretty scanty clothes. You might not have spotted that at one point, the center Muse turns so her dress is entirely open-and there’s nothing underneath it. Obviously, that goes for genitals too, but you still have to wonder how many disgruntled artists Disney were keeping around by this point.


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