As we have already said many times, the main aspect of this political season is not elections, but war. But if elections do have importance somewhere, then this …


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  1. John Mack says:

    Russia still remains the only nation in the world capable to make roaches the only residents of the US in 24 minutes 10 times over. There something must be done about this sad situation ASAP.

  2. Jim Bronaugh says:

    the world is gathering it's armies together at a place called Armageddon which is Israel. Israel is the instigator and Russia will be the catalyst. It is the time for leaving this reality and joyously going into the next with the knowledge that we were the good guys, no matter which side we are on.

  3. vote Trump the anti christ to make the whole world a radiation zone of death

  4. is Russia not bombing civilians in Aleppo or if Syrian army not bombing civilians in Aleppo ??

  5. These Russian Hypocrites, denying MH17 shoot down, denying existence of russians soldiers in ukraine, denying killing civilians in Syria, making no differentiation between moderate Sunni Rebels and Radical Rebels which are Salafi. Russia is Evil Empire

  6. Russia is new Mongol Empire and Putin is new Ghengiz Khan. Barbaric Tyrannical and Cruel

  7. Russia is not free from foreign control. It is controlled by the same Jewish mafia that controls the US and Europe. The same Jewish mafia who took over Russia and installed Communism and killed the entire Romanov imperial family. The Jewish mafia, headed by the Jewish bankers (who have the completely monopoly of the banking system) pits white countries against each other for their destruction and for the rise of Israel. The Jewish mafia wants you to think of things as Russia VS US, but the reality is Israel VS Russia & US

  8. byKaRLo says:

    no one will be interested in our opinion. Sentence society does not matter. What matters is politics and power, and the Americans want that was in their hands. Therefore war is for them so important, because they are the power of military force alone and want to use this advantage until their advantage

  9. faroz ufncar says:

    Kill the Zionist Rat.

  10. From Spain, I support Russia.

  11. jack hunter says:

    to much talk ..i say just send our nukes high …yup

  12. Can't Wait sonner or later we will kill every russian dumbass we meet. Cancer Nation like Russians doesn't deserve to live in this world. Fuck Russia, Cancer piece of shit Nation.
    From USA.

  13. c1232013 says:

    Better in 1.5 speed

  14. Can't argue with this!

  15. edniel2850 says:


  16. nick nick says:

    American NEO_CON bastards will bring the globe to war. I am British and i support Russia in Syria and over these american and european bastard politicians…

  17. Third Rome= fourth Reich

  18. Joel Paddock says:

    Please more Dugin's Guideline! All hail Basileios Dugin!

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