Thirty Seconds To Mars – This Is War


Music video by 30 Seconds To Mars performing “This Is War”.


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  1. YeahAlly says:

    Çok gaza getiriyo amk :D

  2. Assolutamente una delle canzoni più belle..almeno per me.

    Tanti auguri Jared!! +44 @JaredLeto #JaredLetoBirthday

  3. felix geary says:

    they werent even shooting the casings came out with the bullets in them but i like the song

  4. oh my gosh illuminati pyramid at the end of the video!!! freak out

  5. fuck! stp talking bout the video and just listen to the goddamn song. jesus christ

  6. IlumantiLAMAS confirmed (I love this song omfg) I blame LAMAS

  7. Magneto this playful.

  8. DIDI TUCI says:

    First thing you want to do is to shoot at these flying tanks… Nice job!

  9. GameReaper says:

    If you Really see the World of us you see we have war with isis and if we Do ever more war the weaopens (tanks and all other Military stuff) will destroy us self

  10. Playing SSB4 against casuals
    The casual wins
    Chorus comes on

  11. The song that plays in my head when I play rugby

  12. Lol, spamming too much vehicle and some magnet. Don't keep shooting that mates! There are just illuminate. It's not logic at this. Like what the f*ck that's transformers technology.

  13. Wow, Joker can sing.

  14. Jet 45 says:

    ilumanati confermed

  15. who else came here from sao abridged??

  16. MrJosh6889 says:

    Best running power song ever.

  17. Really shooting a tank with bullets

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