This is How Illuminati Affect us, MUST WATCH!!


This is How Illuminati Affect us, MUST WATCH!!


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  1. Angel Cortes says:

    I am very impressed with how thoroughly you did that!

  2. Glitter says:

    LOL LIBERALS LOST!!!!!! Democrats are vile filth!!!! I'm laughing in your FACES democrats!!!! Democrats are a dying disease. America hates Democrats and President Trump is going to send criminal Hillary Clinton to prison, cut off the free welfare for liberals, and send the disgusting Mexicans back to their dumpy country.

  3. You must have struck a nerve, you got a real nice comment from illuminati Eye. I've known more than I can process for only 6-8 months. I have mental shutdowns for weeks after taking in a couple days of research. I just can't wrap my head around it all. I can't talk to anyone, they think I'm paranoid and tell me to stop looking into all these conspiracy theories lol. So I'm having to do my best to sort it all out alone. Before I open up again to inlighten anyone with what I know that I know. Not just speculate not fully informed. Thank you for this

  4. Why_not_try? says:

    Damn what the fuck is this?!?! this looks straight from a professional channel nice keep it up you earned a like and sub

  5. This was a wonderful video. I believe that Jesus is the only way to salvation. God bless you

  6. Jon Jones says:

    Awww man , that's a shame. Way to empty the glass.

  7. Bahram BK says:

    Been at it 53 yr. Know all stuff you said 1000…no,no, 10000 times more. Obvious u know too 1000 no, no, 3000 x more. Got to leave some dough for me. Whatever. Man, said stuff powerful. I'm oldie., 3x heart busted. Ran out of breath. Obvious, no, no… Lots more than obvious, u spent bus loads of shit, meant time, meant energy, meant fucking dough on this stuff. Oops. But, but. U showed all shit w/ loads of doc. But one, why? Man, why. Shit on Alex J. Waiting 17 fucking yr. Hear said stuff like shit here. But never I seen, never none show docs. Why?man. Always, why he's still living. 1st Q. Why on fucking earth is you alive. Ur stuff 10x, no, no 100x more fucking explosive. So. Q again. Why ur still fucking living. If he should be suucided eons ago. I know exactly, precisely why Bill God bless his soul Cooper was unloaded onto his back a full clip by contract killer turned legit simply for wearing lawman uniform. Know exactly why Phil God bless his soul Schneider committed suicide with piano string pulled from his back. 1st in history guy suicide himself this was. But of course. Guy killed 2 fucking aliens with handgun. First ever. No wonder he suicided himself in way only fucking alien can do. Piano string his neck pulled back. Guess killing two fucking aliens with hanging gave him power to stretch his hands 4 feet more so he could pull piano strings. Now got it, got it well. Only thing I still don't get why a super duper intelligent guy like you. . Show proof for everything except how this Alex Good bless his soul… Oops, he ain't dead yet. Got to send him note on the double to suicide himself so all you fucking Intel guys who can put such fantastic effective stuff by one with a full time job all by himself. Sorry, sorry. I'm only a fucking scientist with 52+ doing shit [I mean serious scientific historian and historiographer on 20000 yr culture and more) Sorry my simple, unsophisticated Hilly Billy mind only can hold stuff to invent something patent lawyer tell me never heard a fucking inventor but you getting 200+ new claims. Sorry my simple mind ain't large enough to get why you and Jones aren't suicided yet. If you tell your reason being alive, promise to pull this Jones out of Texas and bring to National Press Club and have the guy who found Obama's real dad, really interrogate Jones guy, to see why he still alive. I personally will water boarding stuff that your employer tought whole nation how to do. Oops, I don't mean you work for CIA shit. Just a Freudian fucking slip never mind it. Your buddy, if you're legit. Enemy is you're into hanky panky stuff. Love you man. You're smart. Please don't be smart by half Real name, email whole shit is here. Ain't no robot. Bahram Khozai, PhD [email protected]

  8. how are you worth billions and born into debt?

  9. You certainly put a lot of effort into this video, WELOVEMOST!

  10. I liked the fact that he talks fast and hits the high points, the rest is up to us to find out for ourselves what's really going on.

  11. You've gone off the deep end with the meth.

  12. E Dub says:

    Must watch, here we go, keep up.. It's over. Great vid

  13. Annoyed120 says:

    an unskipable 90sec ads every 45sec…….

  14. None Ya says:

    Loved to way you did your vid to the point and accurate and very informational

  15. MELISSA REID says:

    awesome! I loved this video! I'm a Christian female that became an in depth, individual and private researcher and TRUTHER almost 2 years ago! I love my life, knowing TRUTH! loved your video! keep it up PLEASE!

  16. mjessnash says:

    Religion is the biggest mind control tool of them all! Bronze Age fairy tales that were passed down word-of-mouth from the Stone Age fairy tales.

  17. Nox Apsirk says:

    Went from a history lesson to your personal struggles with substance abuse, into Christian propaganda. There basically no point to this video. I would have like to hear more information and not your own inner narrative being rattled off like you just smoked a bag of meth.

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