This is HOW Russian Army is Ready for World War III


This is HOW Russian Army is Ready for World War III.


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  1. Michael P. says:

    Bit to anime for me..

  2. Triple G says:

    Just stop and check all blue shipping containers.

  3. Jean Roch says:

    WW2, dumbass : cargo ships were the priority target of Nazi submarines because they were weak and valuable. This hasn't changed. Only a complete idiot would put strategic weapons on a cargo ship.

  4. If ww3 happends, they will only use nuclears.

  5. lewis reid says:

    So THESE computer generated images are HOW the Russian army is ready for WW3. So when did fantasy become logic? And when did armies start releasing their military tactics on YouTube?

  6. HD Candela says:

    G-d save and bless the Russian Christian Nation.

  7. James Bond says:

    I always feel like the liberals are Americas enemies not the Russians.

  8. CURL SHERVER says:

    do people actually believe this?

  9. DWW 25921 says:

    It looks like a cool new game. What is it called and where can I get a copy?

  10. B0hd1 says:

    Time for a new red alert =O

  11. morskojvolk says:

    Click <sigh> Bait

  12. Crimea wants to be independent from Russia.

  13. Serhan Ogan says:

    Boring video game. Don't buy it!

  14. Imados 009 says:

    Just think realistic. If the red army invades America how long does it gonna take before they get homesick of it. They eventually leave their families behind and the american people will fight back! Just look what happened in Iraq and afghanistan… The only way Russia could strike is by nuclear weapons wiping the whole america away. And still the whole world will watch at what is happening and retaliate in the fear it might happen to them too. So only a fool would start ww3 or who wants people to die.

  15. Also watch this video

    Secret US WEAPON Future Technology (Trillion Dollar Defence) #Mind Blow Full Documentary

  16. Putin is going to Drop the Iron Hammer on America.

  17. Uros Opacic says:

    russia will win!!!

  18. MrCcfly says:

    lol to make hugeee ineffective jet engines ?? or to make junk planes developed in 70's (su-27 line that they use in t50 now)

  19. dokuchai says:

    More like a fairy tale. This is unrealistic. Or just nonsense.
    Nothing gone to Russia does not exist.

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