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  1. 7:05 – He Said BEFORE
    the Deepwater Horizon oil spill has even happened.. .. I think that's what that vision was INTENDED to represent.
    BP's plot.

  2. cjclay2012 says:

    this will be a quick and fast attack, we will be shock to see missiles first, and see Hospital and Electric company go down first. I saw this in my vision. I saw children and old folk abandon in Hotel and crying for some help.

  3. cjclay2012 says:

    After we are taken over by our enemies, they will loot everything, even the Highway asphats. Pray now, and hope part of USA be saved?

  4. rr8151960 says:

    He is telling absolutely NOTHING!!! A bunch of boring nonsense. There is stuff happening and I truly believe that NWO is happening and that is terrifying but I'm not going to get my info off the psychic friends network. Do your own research.

  5. cjclay2012 says:

    There are some many warning but we live in darkness. There is strange sound around the world (HARRP), Plasma Shield attacks, anomalies happening in your back yard, and you think we are just passing time entertaining you?

  6. Image says:

    The united states armed forces are the best in the world china has the troops to beat is yes but no country in the world has the naval fleet that could touch us plus

  7. Image says:

    We have have south korea japan canada germany isreal britain ireland iceland and many more

  8. zesound says:

    Hes full of shit. For sure! Haha…"los angeles……Right…." lol!!

  9. hey man!! i agree,

  10. Yes.. crazy you 🙁

  11. This maybe the future if the crazy things dont change….and we all understand we are brothers and souls not slaves and fools.

  12. lythyll1 says:

    some of the events that his talking about are actually happening…apparently martial law will take place soon!
    US dollar collapse & devaluation, hyperinflation, water & food shortage,drought, earthquakes, tsunami, volcanic eruption, FEMA camps & foreign troops in the US!!!


  14. Michael M. says:

    Port Chicago is a small stretch of freeway in northern California. lol

  15. This is BULLSHIT! So vague like Nostradamus BULLSHIT!

  16. Nancy Bisset says:

    Fear Fear Fear. I agree Ali. I personally believe that the nuclear will not be used, because this being the last act in the drama of this earth experience too much destruction would happen and stall the time table of the unfolding of our designers plan. We have free will with parts of our life the rest I feel is already unfolding and our choices of what we can choose can make this heaven here or hell. You could have heaven walking beside me and I could be living a hell. 🙂 Just my opinion.

  17. Sir Farquat says:

    `This was uploaded in 2008… and this is suppose to be happening when… Oct 7th of what year? 2008… The Feds are a little behind, huh?
    Further, Project Camelot always seems to uncover these huge Earth shattering discoveries to warn all humanity.. but its all make believe.

  18. 2 months after this was recorded, Gaza was attacked by Israel, Foreclosures, Occupy movement, Arab Spring, SYRIA, hello people! Wake up! Dr. Deagle was right about alot, way more than he was not, but he did say he didn't have a timeline.

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