This is SHOCKING Proof We Are Living in Strange Times! (2016-2017 EVENT)


Check this link: SHOCKING EVENTS point to something big happening in the near future? You have to see …


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  1. More religious bullshit. I was born roman catholic and was baptised. Ive read the bible and what I found really wrong was the bible's world ends in mass extinction of all living species, slow painful suffering, monsters, and lots of fire. I am no longer roman catholic or religious for that matter. The majority of faith is bat shit backwards crazy. The fear of god that the bible tries to protray is enough to make any sane person sick. I believe Lucifer and his followers were cast out because Lucifer realized how pure evil God really was.

    We all were born as human men and woman. I believe all creation to be mortal. We have absolute control over our lives. If someone wants to threaten you with death or going to hell if you dont follow their ways… So be it.

    Being a good, loving, honest, respectful person will reward you more than anything else in this world and the next… But Im still going to hell because Im a heretic!

  2. Wow, was so bored I forgot I was watching this, time to leave.

  3. The answer is the pyramid that was built by indians on pine island

  4. The Reality says:

    Wow, i've officially been broken into never ever scrolling down again.

  5. jaec45 says:

    Awww… I thought this was some alien shit, instead it's doomsayer's crap. Oh well…

  6. Jason A is the truth, the way, the life.

  7. jessxxy says:

    would explain as to why they fear Me..

  8. whitwhit87 says:

    pastors of atlanta??? black people…wtf are you doing?!

  9. This shit is old news man.

  10. Why is there always a problem believing in a Higher power? Why is it that non believers will always bash and call names to believer and yet call themselves an intellectual? All you "science" oriented minds will never know God because you havnt even searched for the creator yourself! You deny God's existence for what purpose? Atheists are just one side of the same coin as believers. Believing what you are told instead of searching for yourself. Stop claiming that you know there isn't a God when you are just as confused and manipulated as the elites who want you to think as such!

  11. No one knows when the world will end but you will know when its getting close to the end.

  12. Jason A. Were do you get your scripture or word from? what bible do you read?

  13. Crystal says:

    Christians get ready! I love you sisters & brothers in Christ! Prepare your family. I am preparing mine. See you there!

  14. danny pavlo says:

    yeah   Jason   you put all this stuff up      but you don't comment  on any of it        an no   none of this shocks  me

  15. wawbwc6 says:

    Fukushima Radiation (Dead Birds) _____  It's not Rocket Science.

  16. jack hill says:

    Roll, nobody would recognize you two anyway with those paper bags over both your faces.

  17. jack hill says:

    The Bible story told fast God created man and woman. Gave them a test he knew they would not pass, then does everything he can to make our lives miserable for 6000 years then murders 99.999% of them then he takes the rest to heaven to kiss his ass forever.

  18. jack hill says:

    More backwards luddites,who hate science! If it was up to.them we would still be rubbing sticks together to make fire!

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