This Is The Video Obama Banned Mainstream Media From Reporting


This is HUGE! I believe this story is on the level of the JFK Assassination, and even 9/11. This…is…HUGE! Obama is clearly destroying our nation, our civil rights, and even leading us into multiple Wars. Essentially, he’s finishing what Bush started. I’m a fan of neither one of these guys. They are merely (overused term alert) “puppets”.

And neither one of them made this country a better place to be. So, please know that I do not dislike Obama based on partisan politics, or even race for that matter. I’m a fan of freedom and truth, which clearly, Obama is not. By the way, did I mention that THIS STORY IS HUGE? More importantly, will anything come of it?? We’ll see…



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  1. aftab says:

    American nation and american leaders are same, they are root cause of all evils in this world that we are facing. Obama is nothing more than a traped mouse and have no power to do any thing excpet what ever his masters wants.

  2. rogun.kale says:

    Obama is a peace of shit just another terrorist

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