‘This is World War 3’ | Endtime Ministries with Irvin Baxter


More: http://www.endtime.com/podcast/this-is-world-war-3/


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  1. World War 3? I don't get it. Did you even mention WW3?

  2. S.R. Walker says:

    "Greatest sale ever"-what a farce you moneychangers!
    where's my whip? get out of my Father's house PLEASE! (& on the 5th Blood moon ever in recorded history too boot!)
    you "modern day" "PROPHETICALLY gifted silver tongued foxes-"take us the foxes-the foxes that spoil Father's precious grapes" Irwin you do not even carry a single soliitary Holy Bible I can obtain on your entire-for profit-web site!
    I pray greater grace for you.your wife and your entire staff who busy themselves around your jook-joint buddy-wow SRWalker Bonners Ferry Idaho

  3. Keny Nbran says:

    Lol selling DVD's …. :p

  4. Thanks, Ervin for the story of Easter. Love this story and the movie is a awesome love story for all to see. God bless you.

  5. Great story! thank you for your videos.

  6. " Russia is coming back at the appointed time".

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