This My Life: Hawaii Arrival !!!


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  1. Aiden Juarez says:

    your vlogs are so late wtf

  2. I love Jk says:

    The editing skills seem better now maybe I'm crazy

  3. Julie Pak says:

    anyone else sad of the reminder that naked blandon has a gf

  4. Hi joe.. Can i ask where did u guys stay in hawaii? The place is just so nice and hawaii is my next stop for a vacation.. Hoping for ur response.. Thanks!

  5. bbcmotd says:

    This video made me tear up.
    people can live such lifes.
    and I was born in a siberian shit hole covered in snow

  6. Joe looks like that mole rat from Kim possible ????

  7. Joe now looks 28. When Joe and Bart lose their weight they'll look even younger.

  8. Damn that place is HELLA nice.

  9. Zobbtuna says:

    mudda voice is annoying after 5 minutes lol

  10. Sara Mini says:

    3:53 daaaamn hella rude

  11. Jake Alton says:

    Why did they go to hawaii??

  12. Alex Huang says:

    Does joe vlog with a GoPro?

  13. I with I worked for mudda just kidding party

  14. best thing about Hawaii… Ono fusion grinds…

  15. SELFMADE says:

    haven't heard kolohe Kai since 2010

  16. SELFMADE says:

    haven't heard kolohe Kai since 2010

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