This phone is the most indestructible of the World?


Not only did I drop test the new Motorola Droid 2 Turbo , but I also got a couple of Slam with good old hammer . He did survive to tell the tale ?


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  1. My tracPhone can't break.. I've been trying for yrs now.

  2. I dropped my Samsung from 3 metres and it survived and I hit it with a hammer and it still survived but what finally broke it was throwing it at a metal fence

  3. ajrm 6200 says:

    The screen on that phone is really strong. I kinda want it, now.

  4. drops nokia in lava shit ugh * picks up * puts in pocket

  5. Stu Klein says:

    i've dropped my alcatel one touch android dozens of times over the past year and it has never once cracked, it was my first smart phone so i just assumed thats how they all were until i saw my friend drop his galaxy from a few feet and it shattered and same w/ my sisters iPhone…

  6. Stu Klein says:

    the screen didn't freeze after the first hammer hits, if u see the "X" at the top of the screen w/ the "remove" option, the only way to get out of that screen is to hit the back arrow at the bottom of the phone, you can't swipe the screen or anything, so that phone was still 100% fine after the first hammer blows…amazing.

  7. Stu Klein says:

    this guy is a bozo

  8. I honestly hate you as a person.. Breaking $600 phones for no reason when other people would kill to have one. Go hit yourself in the face with that hammer and see if it breaks. ????????????????????????????????

  9. your fucking retard it as hell

  10. But It still broke so it was a fail

  11. Simon Pete says:

    roses are red violets are blue the last time something dropped that hard it ended ww2

  12. Why would you hit your phone with a hammer in the first place

  13. My dad has that phone it troped and broke

  14. RageSkoda says:

    dang those tests were pretty Boodal

  15. i wish i had that type of gas on my iPhone nive vid

  16. Zac Austin says:

    Why do I find this hilarious ????

  17. Bilal Yousaf says:

    fuck this phone….

  18. It obviously didn't shatter because the screen is made of plastic. Motorola advertised that they didn't use any glass in producing this phone.

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