This Sucks – Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, and the 2016 Presidential Election of World War 3.


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Life’s Good – Donald Trump Hillary Clinton and the 2016 Presidential Election of World War 3 is a long title, yeah you are absolutely right, and it doesn’t even match the words on the thumbnail – why is this Max? Well, I am experimenting with the algorithm on YouTube to see if it favors longer titles and such, so if you see any weird behavior happening on the format of my uploads, then don’t panic, it’s just me conducting experiments. Trump VS Hillary, who should I vote for? I don’t really know. Based on every debate, speech, general politics, etc. I’d say Jack Bauer. Everyone else sucks compared to him. He could realistically prevent world war 3 in my eyes. However, “Hillary sucks” and “Trump sucks” are silly phrases to just throw around, you might hurt someone’s feelings. I’m being sarcastic in this video for the sake of sarcasm, and comedy too. So don’t get angry. Fun Fact – I despise politics!

The following people are American/non-american heroes:
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31 Responses

  1. Cotton Candy says:

    Donald won ?? I'm so fucking

  2. Caleb Guiton says:

    You should show more grotesque and disturbing images in between all those flashes so you can scar peoples subconscious without them knowing it, just a thought

  3. Sarahmint says:

    Social Justice Warrior! That's you.

  4. Sarahmint says:

    Social Justice Warrior! That's you.

  5. Eye Site says:

    Trump or Hillary ether way you are screwed. I live in Jersey we have a rising politician and he's the only one out probably the thousands that exist but I believe in his name is Sam mesek.he is only 23/24 yet he has taken out our corrupt politician out by storm. helping us get rid of them one by one at a time which trust me where we live is A miracle . I Am sure make a good president. unfortunately you don't have a Sam mesic sorry America.

  6. this video is filed with sarcasm?

  7. Logan Miller says:

    Why does my birth month have to be the month trump got elected…?

  8. I love how honest and unsarcastic this video was.

  9. Calm Wolf says:

    Tbh I got really sad by the end of this video. I just hope I can sleep tonight.

  10. why would you not be bias like don't support hilliary

  11. Ivan Matias says:

    the end of his video almost forces me to stay and watch the whole video so I can listen to the beautiful sound of chaos and death at the end at 04:17

  12. Tiny Pixelz says:

    Sorry to correct you, but congress is the one who declares war, not the president . Although the president does have control over the military.

  13. cold hunter says:

    idk why but when you sai the wprld has a bright future and you showed a nuke i fucking died.???

  14. Barron homo says:

    i dunno, trump seems like a good guy and he didn't say he was going to do it alone

  15. I wish people would look at 3rd party people

  16. ImCardHi says:

    lol ur videos r great like seriously all of them are so understandable and the philosophies are great, i hope things work out good for u in the future

  17. Majority of people: Don't vote for Trump! In the end…: everyone votes for Trump* Aftermath: SCREAMING, CRYING, PROTESTING, AND DRAMA. Yippie.

  18. MCWaxC - says:

    To be fair, they do both support equality. But then again, if you don't support equality, you're pulling a Trump and making America what it once was:

    Hateful and ignorant.

  19. BuBzYzRant's says:

    max im sorry for commenting so much. but this video is great. off topic but recently i got backstabbed and i can relate to so much of your videos.

  20. I love how in the Life's Good episode the disclaimer is basically telling you to not read it, it says, ANYTHING should be taken as a joke, so also the disclaimer, and it's not that i'm making a stupid joke out of this, if you read it, you may know the disclaimer is bullshit, and all there should be said is: "a lot of this is sarcastic, if you don't know what sarcasm is, i guess you should look it up" 😛

  21. So grab your sunglasses… it's gonna be hot

  22. Wyndeer says:

    Why the fu- i mean, yay trump is our new president!

  23. Hahahaha! It's so true!

  24. LSDWI says:

    In videos like this Max reminds me of Eliot from Mr Robot? I think people who watch MamaMax would like it. Max, I love you! <3

  25. UksiHattu12 says:

    I think Life's good is the best serie of your channel

  26. Czazar says:

    Congress declares war.

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