THORnews thoughts on the June 15th Texas EMP story



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  1. Wildcat says:

    If they emp hit Texas how would anyone know about it because there is no electronic device working.. It would be funny everyone would make up fake report because they wouldn't know what happen.

  2. TPP must be stopped. It's destroying the Constitution and giving the executive office more than 1/3 power

  3. PROJECT CAMELTOE I mean PROJECT CAMELOT has gone full retard on this one

  4. stasiu2u says:

    the truth movement is like all movements for good…like political parties they are identified by the bad guys …infiltrated by the bad by the bad guys as controlled opposition…and like the UK Labour party and the liberal party destroyed from within to leave the national socialist nazis run the show as always…divide and bollocks….we either wake up to the whole pile of crap on our chest or learn to live under the stench of it….thats why the negative trolls to me are such insidious pieces of shit… this is modern slavery on steroids.

  5. they're looking for drama would sound more accurate lol 

  6. zenpiper says:

    I like your videos, but with the sound off. They are just better that way.

  7. OnlyFloyd says:

    I disagree with you on this one Thor-by putting the info out, if an EMP did happen the chances of it being just a "great guess" is tiny. Therefore, people would understand that it was a false flag.

  8. sam cardone says:

    Everything that goes on now is to keep your eye off the ball, imagine if everyone closed their 401K and emptied their bank accounts. And sold their stocks. That's why THE MAN has to sneak attack. QE4 will happen and keep the fakery going a little longer but it has to crash and reset at some point. It amazes me that i have friends that go to work everyday and think everything is fine. Twiszum twaszum twizsum twome time for this one to come home. Heeeeelp Mr. Wizard. LOL

  9. "Please look under your vehicle for Penguins"   lololololol !    :)

  10. frank rizzo says:

    the sky is falling……..the sky is falling……the sky is falling……..
    the sky is falling……..the sky is falling……the sky isn't falling……….oooooooooo shit the sky is falling……maybe not june 15 but if you keep staying doom doom doom…….. doom will come when you think its not……….the next war is going to be on people just wait and youll see……….ooooooooo shit then it will be to LATE

  11. st0rmeknight says:

    You said it.. Fear, plain and simple. That and mysery loves company. Seems that through fear people can believe that anything is possible. If only they could believe that from the creative viewpoint, not just the victim. Peace & Happiness

  12. JoL™ says:

    awareness made it not happen…..It's not happening because the plan got exposed! THEY know if they follow thru! the public will know it was a setup from the beginning….so change of plans.

  13. booyaaa! another apocalypse survived. I am on a role.

  14. Frank Tank says:

    You lost a sub down there and gained a new one :)

  15. Coil Smoke says:

    WTF at 4:50 … Is she twirling a baton ?

  16. John Morton says:

    THOR……I'm enjoying it. your sense of life/humor/reality/ hey keep an eye open/ you need to go on tour and do this and sell tickets. for real. show your vid on a screen while you do this live… you deserve it.  u are an epic man.  u rock…. you are the modern reincarnated George Carlin. wake ppl up and make them laugh….. if they don't giggle once or ponder a thought.. they not right

  17. Happy upcoming 4th.
    I got ya back home-spun country.
    Keep up the good work.
    Thanks for the laughs.

  18. everything i have ever learned is from two places:
    1: youtube coments, only the most intelligent people post youtube comments, everyone knows that
    2: shaky dudes in 7-11 or Sears stores, no explanation is necessary

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