Three Days Of Darkness And The Coming Flood



“Three Times of Darkness and the Coming Flood”

By: Jesus Villalobos

There is a sample which shows up above and above in the Scriptures which Jesus spoke about in His Matthew 24 discourse on conclude periods. He said that the solar moon and stars would develop dim just right before the trumpet for the rapture would be blown and the elect gathered. The return of Jesus is not what you may be expecting.

He was quoting from Isaiah 13 in Matthew 24. He desired us to see that His return was going to coincide with the destruction of Babylon (Iraq).  The Medes (present working day Kurds) would damage Iraq with nuclear missiles.  This war would mail the earth into total darkness as the earth moved out of its orbit  from close to the solar. Isaiah 13:12-13.

This darkness would past 3 days just as Jesus was in the grave 3 days.  This is Jesus’ signal which He called the signal of the Son of Man.  He instructed the scribes and pharisees that He would be in the coronary heart of the earth for 3 days. Jesus the gentle of the earth would be missing for 3 days and nights. Three days of darkness would be upon the earth as He lay in the grave.

This signal is in the opening of Genesis one:one-two. See the earth is in darkness and flooded. The solar moon and stars are not put into the heavens until the fourth working day. There have been 3 days of darkness 1st. Certainly, God claimed, “Let there be gentle lengthy right before the fourth working day, but He also tells us that He seperated the gentle from the darkness. He did not allow the gentle to enter into the darkness until the fourth working day.

Once again we see this signal when God will make His covenant (agreement) with Abram. Genesis 15:12 A horrible darkness descends upon Abram. God shows Abram that his descendants must endure 400 several years of slavery. Then, on the anniversary of this covenant, God returns and delivers Abram’s descendants. There are 3 days of darkness just right before they depart Egypt.

Up coming we see this signal when Jesus hangs on the cross. Three several hours of darkness ensue. Then, Jesus the gentle of the earth is missing 3 days and nights.

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