Tibetan Secrets For Reversing Physical Aging

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By Dragon Sensei

Tibet is known for ancient secrets, enigmatic knowledge, and paranormal powers. A civilization whose roots trace back into the lost mists of time, the mysterious monks, some with supernatural powers, walk the Earth as benign supermen blessing mortals and gods alike in passage through rugged lands of etheral beauty. Some of the secrets have spilled into Western culture, brought to Europe or the Americas by stunned explorers who witnessed wonders beyond belief. One such man returned with the Tibetan equivalent of the Fountain of Youth. He believed in the power, he followed the wise monks’ guidance, and he lived to see his return to a youthful abundance both physically and spiritually. Now the astonishing secret taught by Master Lamas is shared fully with you…

Masters roam the magnificent mountain monasteries

The secret of physical rejuvenation through five ancient rites

In his classic book, Ancient Secret of the Fountain of Youth, author Peter Kelder describes how a British Colonel who became a friend set out on a daring quest to discover the location of a Tibetan monastery that natives of India and Nepal claimed had the secret of rejuvenation.

Erase years of age and reclaim youth

By simply following the ancient rites first discovered many thousands of years ago by the revered Masters, a person could erase years of age and reclaim their youth.

It seemed a fantasy, too good to be true, yet many believed it.

Kelder describes how he met his friend:

“One afternoon some years ago, I was sitting in the park reading the afternoon paper, when an elderly gentleman walked up and seated himself alongside me. Appearing to be in his late sixties, he was gray and balding, his shoulders drooped, and he leaned on a cane as he walked.

“Little did I know that from that moment, the whole course of my life would change forever. It wasn’t long before the two of us were engaged in a fascinating conversation.

Temple of the Forgotten Mists

“It turned out that the old man was a retired British Army officer, who had also served in the diplomatic corps for the Crown. As a result, he had traveled at one time or another to virtually every corner of the globe. And Colonel Bradford, as I shall call him though it is not his real name-held me spellbound with highly entertaining stories of his adventures.

“When we parted, we agreed to meet again, and before long, a close friendship had developed between us.”

The Colonel reveals his secret obsession:

“Slowly at first, and then with increasing trust, he began to talk. While stationed in India some years ago, Colonel Bradford had from time to time come in contact with wandering natives from remote regions of the interior, and he had heard many fascinating stories of their life and customs. One strange tale that particularly caught his interest was repeated quite a number of times, and always by the natives of a particular district. Those from other districts seemed never to have heard of it.

Flying monks

“It concerned a group of Lamas, or Tibetan priests who, according to the story, knew the secret of the Fountain of Youth. For thousands of years, this extraordinary secret had been handed down by members of this particular sect. And while they made no effort to conceal it, their monastery was so remote and isolated, they were virtually cut off from the outside world.

“This monastery and its Fountain of Youth had become something of a legend to the natives who spoke of it. They told stories of old men who mysteriously regained health, strength, and vigor after finding and entering the monastery. But no one seemed to know the exact location of this strange and marvelous place.”

The Colonel decided he would spend however long it took to find the monastery and learn the secret of rejuvenation. He invited Kelder to accompany him. Although tempted, the author finally declined.

According to Kelder, years passed before he finally received a letter from his friend. The Colonel claimed he’d found the monastery and would send a follow-up letter soon.

View of Yangshuo county from mountaintop Lamasery

As Kelder relates:

“Many more months passed before I heard from him again. When a second letter finally arrived, my hands almost trembled as I opened it. For a moment I couldn’t believe its contents. The news was better than I could possibly have hoped. Not only had the Colonel found the Fountain of Youth, he was bringing it back to the States with him, and would arrive sometime within the next two months.

“Four years had elapsed since I had last seen my old friend. And I began to wonder how he might have changed in that period of time. Had this Fountain of Youth enabled him to stop the clock on advancing age? Would he look as he did when I last saw him, or would he appear to be only one year older instead of four?

“Eventually the opportunity to answer these questions arrived. While I was at home alone one evening, the house phone rang unexpectedly. When I answered, the doorman announced, “Colonel Bradford is here to see you.” A rush of excitement came over me as I said, “Send him right up.”

“Shortly, the bell rang and I threw open the door. But to my disappointment I saw before me not Colonel Bradford, but another much younger man.

A Lama walks monastery grounds

“Noting my surprise, the stranger said, ‘Weren’t you expecting me?’

“‘I thought it would be someone else,’ I answered, a little puzzled and confused.

“‘I thought I would be receiving a more enthusiastic welcome,’ said the visitor in a friendly voice. ‘Look closely at my face. Do I need to introduce myself?’

“Confusion turned to bewilderment, and then amazed disbelief as I stared at the figure before me. Slowly, I realized that the features of his face did indeed resemble those of Colonel Bradford. But this man looked as the Colonel might have looked years ago in the prime of his life. Instead of a stooping, sallow old man with a cane, I saw a tall, straight figure. His face was robust, and he had a thick growth of dark hair with scarcely a trace of gray.

“‘It is indeed I,’ said the Colonel, ‘and if you don’t ask me inside, I’ll think your manners badly lacking.’

“In joyous relief I embraced the Colonel, and unable to contain my excitement, I ushered him in under a barrage of questions.

“‘Wait, wait,” he protested good naturedly. ‘Allow yourself to catch your breath, and I’ll tell you everything that’s happened.’

“And this he proceeded to do.”

Master Lamas exhibit astounding powers

The astounding powers of the Tibetan Masters

Life extension through rituals and tapping into universal energies may not be that far-fetched when considering some of the other powers that certain master monks of the East have attained. The ability to levitate has been recognized by real scientists that have seen it with their own eyes. Of course for the millions of scientists who haven’t had it proven to them, they remain disbelievers.

The chakras: energy centers of the human body

Fantastic Tibetan warrior monks exist that have turned away armies and caused havoc amongst well-armed foes. One such fabled monk, Drukpa Lodoe, confronted more than 50 Chinese soldiers threatening a lamasery during the late 1940s. According to eyewitnesses, Lodoe rose in the air above the heads of the Chinese soldiers and threw electrical bolts from his fingertips as he spun in the air 100 feet above them. The confused and terrified soldiers ran off screaming.

But the victory was short-lived. Later that day the Chinese troops returned with a tank. When they attempted to arrest Lodoe, the powerful monk simply vanished into thin air.

Drukpa Lodoe was said to belong to an obscureand much fearedBuddhist sect called the Shugdens. The members of the sect worship the frightening deity, Dorje Shugden. Their faith is called the Gelugs (the Yellow Hats) named after the distinctive religious headdress they often wear.

Dorje Shugden is a Tibetan warrior-god that most have never heard of in the West. The god is said to adorn itself with necklaces of severed human heads, a symbol of the conqueror.

While Tibetan monks and the people of Tibet are thought to be universally peaceful mystics, there do exist certain warrior sects and the Shugdens are the most ancient. Images of the god often depict the deity on a ferocious snow lion, swinging a long fighting sword while galloping through a boiling lake of blood.

That is the man the hapless Chinese troops ran into, a master Gelug and fierce follower of Dorje Shugden.

The five rites that reverse decades of aging

The Colonel showed Kelder the amazing five Tibetan energy rejuvenation rites. To incorporate them into your daily exercise go here.

Next best thing to eternal youth

According to the Colonel, the spinning is one of the most important parts of the routine. Following those five will balance your energy and improve breathing, digestion, muscle tone and stamina. The execrcises are relatively easy, but very effective.

The hard part, the really difficult part that must be followed to actually reverse aging, however, is the seker of rejuvenation must become strictly celebate. While the five Tibetan exercises are important and beneficial, they alone cannot erase years of physical aging.

How many years can you erase if you really abstain from sex in all forms? It depends on your age. The Colonel, who was in his 40s, reverted to his 20s. A man or woman of 50 or 60 years can reasonably expect a reversal of age back to their early to late 30s.

Personal testimony of Dragon Sensei

Does this really work? While certainly not scientific proof, I can provide a true personal anecdote about a friend of one of my brothers named Jeff.

He came upon Peter Kelder’s book and believed it. At the time he was in his early 40s, had lost much of his hair, and although he worked out with weights, he was beginning to feel the effects of middle-age approaching.

He told my brother and I about the book and vowed he was going to try it, including giving up sex. He didn’t expect it to work immediately, but said he would continue following the Tibetan rites until he saw some sign they actually worked. He decided to give it up to a year.

Neither my brother or I saw Jeff again for almost two years. When we finally ran into him it was outside a movie theater while we were in line waiting to enter the building.

A man approached us, waving. Neither my brother or I recognized him at first, but the man was Jeff. He had a thick, full head of hair, his face was unlined, and he looked like he had when he was 28 or 29.

We were flabbergasted. It really worked! My brother and I still talk about the shock of seeing Jeff so much younger and it’s now been some years since the chance meeting.

The Tibetan secrets for reversing physical aging may not make you immortal, but they are probably the next best thing.


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