Time Magazine Just Unleashed the ‘End of America’, and the Beginning of The New World Order


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43 Responses

  1. Paul George says:

    George HW Bush introduced the need for a New World Order , Not Obama!
    Oh! And Trump is the guy taking over the NWO now.
    Obama was in to fix Bush jrs. mess!

  2. Just signed a Bill to get US out of UN.

  3. NewHope says:

    We are a republic. Democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting on what's for lunch. In a republic, the lamb has the right to contest the vote.

  4. Thor says:

    Jail all billionaires and senators, and congressman! Oh yeah presidential cabinet too

  5. So… was Hunger Games a warning????

  6. devera770 says:

    We have had "mega cities" for years…ever see NYC…come on

  7. Keith Mundy says:

    Without the Electoral Vote.. HILL WOULD BE LEADING US TO OUR OWN DEMISE!!!⚡ Other than that.. well done.. Amen✨
    40 year's I've said most of this to many. . Most call us Crazy.. or You suddenly.. are Excluded we become from everything. SOCIAL Event's.. Work.. Family gatherings. .etc..
    7 year's now every job I get in a matter of day's after hired.. ODD Issue's arise and .."They have to let me go.." fin. ⚡?
    God Bless ..I carry on.

  8. white people sound so stupid talking about rights. whites done stole everything everywhere. now it's your turn this is just the start

  9. Can you say.. Hunger Games. the evil forces have to tell us what they're doing to us. But they disguise it as fiction. Mixed with non fiction. In other words truth mixed with lies. People that's why you have to research because you are living in Satan's world and doing things inadvertently. That's why you must seek God with all your heart soul and mind lest you be dragged into what you don't want. And guess what you already are, so time to start figuring it out and getting out fast. God and Jesus are our only savior….

  10. Jew World Order! Go see Rabbi Exposes The Zionist Agenda (RE-UPLOAD). Sann Ingen.

  11. P Des13 says:

    The Patriot Act was passed to destroy the second Amendment , and it did . One the second Amendment is gone the frist Amendment is easy . Good buy constitution.

  12. P Des13 says:

    It's run by Rabbis the NWO is Kosher Agenda 21 is out of the Talmud. So is communism.

  13. KKTile says:

    When I watched this 6666 had also watched

  14. Barry Saey says:

    So if this guy is advising Trump, why is he bashing him in this article??

  15. Ricardo Mair says:

    "the hunger games",,, anyone ? truth in movies

  16. In just a few short years our King of Kings will be returning. Before He comes we have the tribulation against the saints which will be for a season and then the wrath of God will be poured out on Satan and all of his cronies. So no matter what nefarious plans the enemy has they will not see complete fruition as the King will put a stop to them.

    The Lord laughs as the plans of the wicked for they will never conquer over God's plans. Now is the time for patient endurance and steadfast love for God – He will deliver you.

  17. ATLAN says:

    What issue was this? Time Magazine.

  18. sim ulation7 says:

    ok christian truther i understand and agree with you but what do we do with them

  19. sim ulation7 says:

    whats the deal with the megacitys we need the electoral college or we would have hillary cus we would be in rapture as of now

  20. Jela Florin says:


  21. Jela Florin says:

    Don't you see.Obama will have a workingplace close to White house, and act as a "thorn in the side" on Trump.( good guy- bad guy style).Truth is that is how it is presented to us, but in reality- They work for the same boss, and Trump will learn fast and has too much to loose, now that he will find out about the truth.

  22. Just A Human says:

    Every time i hear his voice, i see Mark Dice.

  23. Hi. . Well as the word of God saids in Matt 4;8.9.10 .again the devil took him along to an unusually high mountain and showed him all the time kingdoms of the world and their glory and said to him All these things I will give to you if you fall down and do a act. Of worship to me. Then Jesus said to him go away Satan for it is written it is Jehovah your God you must worship and it's to him you must render sacred service.. Amen so we see hear God does pick things of this world..remember Jesus said. My kingdom is not of this world .and he said I am in this world but not of it . So it doesn't matter what happens ..Jesus is coming .. so don't plan a great country… you just seen for your self who rules..this . World… for now…..God bless yous..all..

  24. Juan Defuchi says:

    Jews own the UN, why do you think they are allowed to get away with breaking every single UN Sanction they ever had put on them, look up jew Jacob Javits he was the one that changed our border laws in the 60's with his infamous slogan "Open The Flood Gates", and keep in mind jews stay in the back ground, and change their names, and mix in with whatever nation they are residing in, as long as they can get away with destroying that nation, while promoting jewish interest,  they are parasites, and we are the host. Peace

  25. easytoread07 says:

    this reminds me of a scene from "The Omega Code II : Megiddo". there is a world chart and all of the Nations of the World are divided up like this plan approved in this video presentation. b4n

  26. easytoread07 says:

    people, please, you can't go against that which has been fore ordained almost 2,000 years ago. b4n

  27. Nothig you can do now, Jesus-Christ is here with power and might over all flesh. so guess who`s running the show now?

  28. Thanks for the video brother

  29. Praying protection over all

  30. Billy Wagley says:

    People need to look. at how Hitler first start out before he started to. round up all the Jews

  31. Do We need a NEW WORLD? Do We Want CHANGE? Do We!!! Do We BELIEVE WITHOUT CHANGE THIS WORLD WILL BE BETTER? So WE NEED CHANGE =??? HOW??? Do we instill new more acceptable Morals and Values?? Or Do we settle for the status quo ! My WAY IS RIGHT!! Look towards the Past Civilizations. Can We Learn From The Past? GIVE ME SOMETHING NEW!!!!

  32. Steven Smith says:

    I pray President Trump takes us out of the United Nations. Immediate nullification of all of Obama's & Clinton's dangerous agreements & orders.

    We are America, not an extension of the U.N. or any other country.

    We need the Supreme Court to uphold our Constitution and rule on cases accordingly.

  33. there goes your jobs America. you will be building your own fema trains

  34. AMonikaD says:

    excellent expo F.Fighter.

  35. best information you put out all year thank you great job

  36. Welcome to 1984 if all this is allowed to happen. The U.S. constitution is the one pin you need to pull to collapse the world into perpetual war and tyranny.

  37. More fear propaganda. Don't give into fear. The Bible says "do not Fear" 365 times, just be awake and ready!! And when the time comes accept our fate, go be with Jesus and remember the Christian truther makes his living on selling fear.

  38. Why is everyone listening to the news? I told everybody Trump isn't a savior I told u they won't wake up now people are waking up

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