Time to bomb Israel – with truth

“Oh what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive”–Sir Walter Scott

Israel has six months for their stage two attempt of wrecking the Mideast peace process. They have lost no time launching their counter attack. Like the pros they are, they had their B-Team preparing for the expected loss at Geneva Two.

Time to bomb Israel - with truth
They have used their traditional route for seeding the public’s mind with new fears, using our ever ready Congressmen and Senators to front their subversion of the American democracy. Our Founding Fathers knew we could never keep what they had given us without an informed citizenry to protect itself from government expanding its power through all kinds of contrived machinations.

Militant Zionists have contrived machinations in their DNA, something they justify simply by saying that others would do this if they could, so they are just beating them to the punch. That would be a popular billboard message for every prison on the planet.

There is a consensus among analysts that the Zios’ first move would be to claim Iran was not in compliance with the agreement. We have pros around here who have dealt with the slippery and slimy types, so anticipating their moves becomes second nature after a few decades.

For a country which has milked a couple of decades out of an invisible bomb, a non-compliance scam is just a piece of cake. The Israelis just make the charge and never provide any real support for it.

They have this wonderful echo chamber in the US that hypnotizes Americans into accepting accusations as proof…if they are heard often enough. The Zionist lobby machine to accomplish that has long been constructed and remains well oiled from constant use.

But the readers are encouraged not to play the ‘reacting to Israel’s moves’ game because that puts you on defense, to where they have won half the battle already. The way to deal with the Radical Zios is to attack, and constantly like they do.

You have to put artillery fire not only on their front line troops with never ending phone calls into their Congressional shills, but also use the long range artillery to hit their rear areas where they think they are safe. And that is the story of their founding myth.

I will share with you now my most effective opening shot at turning brainwashed pro-Israel Americans around. Remember the first goal is to just get the process started by putting something on them that is irrefutable, and has been withheld from them for that very reason. I field tested this extensively on retired military officers and it was 90% effective.

Declassified Intel, especially top military brass Intel is something no military officer is going to brush off as a load of manure. Steven Green who wrote his seminal 1984 book, Taking Sides, from Freedom of Information Act material, once told me he found so much he could have written ten books. Here is my number one silver bullet bomb from his work.

In March, 1948, a Joints Chiefs of Staff paper on Force Requirements for Palestine, anticipating the termination of the British Mandate, predicted that the Zionist strategy will seek to involve [the United States] in continuously widening and deepening series of operations intended to secure maximum Jewish objectives…

a) initial sovereignty over a portion of Palestine,

b) acceptance by the great powers of the right to unlimited immigration,

c) the extension of Jewish sovereignty over all of Palestine,

d) the expansion of Eretz Israel into Transjordan and into portions of Lebanon and Syria,

e) the establishment of Jewish military and economic hegemony over the entire Mid East.

The JCS paper added ominously: All stages of this program are equally sacred to the fanatical concepts of Jewish leaders. The program is opening admitted by same leaders, and has been privately admitted to United States officials by responsible leaders of the presently dominant Jewish group…the Jewish Agency… Taking Sides (1984)

This folks, has been absolutely devastating. You don’t get any of the programmed responses like “Why do you hate Israel…are you an anti-semite, etc.?” It is what it is, a top JCS Intel report that saw its way to the president’s desk.

Due to space limitations I will have to skip the middle part and give you a current bookend bomb to the beginning one above. By that I mean going right for the throat on the whole “Iranian nuclear bomb” hoax.

But this time I will use Israeli sources…their own media. Be sure to print this piece out and save it in a file. This stuff works. The same information, delivered one piece at a time over an extended period would have much less impact. You have to use this multiple rocket launcher approach.

If some of it seems contradictory, just remember that they are making it all up. My compliments to blogger Omer Kabir for looking these gems up.

From Yediot Ahronoth:

June 26, 1984 … Iran will be capable of producing a nuclear weapon in another seven years.

Nov. 15, 1991 … Nuclear expert: Iran will have a nuclear weapon by the end of the decade or seven to eight years if China, Pakistan and Argentina continue aiding it.

June 15, 1992 … Within 10 years Syria will have a nuclear weapon.

Sept. 20, 1992 … Iran will have an operational nuclear weapon in the next five to eight years.

Jan. 21, 1993 … Rabin: Iran has the manpower and will get a nuclear weapon in the coming decade.

Jan. 24, 1993 … Iran has in its possession a nuclear weapon ready for immediate deployment.

Jan. 9, 1995 … Iran may achieve nuclear capability at any moment.

Dec. 27, 1995 … Iran wants a nuclear weapon by 2001.

June 27, 1997 … US: Iran will have a nuclear weapon around 2000

July 10, 2001 … Iran will threaten Israel with a nuclear weapon within four years.

Aug. 8, 2003 … IDF: Preparing for an Iranian atomic bomb in 2005

Aug. 20, 2004 … Iran announces: we will achieve a nuclear weapon within four years.

July 8, 2005 … Israeli intelligence sources: within two years they will have a bomb on the shelf

Dec. 2005 … Entire Mideast will arm itself with nukes.

March 26, 2006 … Iranian atomic bomb in three years.

June 22, 2006 … Olmert: Within months Iran will be able to assemble a nuclear bomb.

June 22, 2011 … Iran will have a nuclear weapon in a year or two.

As my regular readers know I don’t often use this much outside material in an article but if I had abridged this to a few examples I think you can see it would have had nowhere near the same impact.

These headlines are mainly from just one newspaper, and one particular issue to lie about. You can extrapolate this out for all the others and you get a pretty good idea whether the claims of these people being pathological liars is valid.

I can assure you that many of the Israeli lobby folks promoting these lies upon their fellow Americans, might have believed some truth in them, maybe in the early days. But the professionals among them had to be aware of this bomb hoax track record. I know because they can read. So I have not felt it untrue or unkind to say that many don’t care if the Iran nuke threat was bogus as long as it had the desired manipulative effect.

People don’t like to be used, so when I show this to them and let it sink in a bit, I then hit them with the big question…“Why do you let them make fools out of you with base, bogus propaganda to exploit your own people?”

We have a slang saying here in America when you are the underdog for reversing a bad situation, that you have to “up our game”. It means taking a hard cold look in the mirror about the changes that need to be done to stop using failed tactics.

Power senses fear and uncertainty and knows how to exploit it. The news headlines above show how unembarrassed the Israeli media was to exploit their own people’s fear. With the Iranians in the past year they have used Neo-holocaust language, the Nazis, holocaust deniers…there are no depths to which they will not stoop.

It is time to take the gloves off and go after the militant Zionists, and this includes all those who have worked with them. Whether they are participants in the lies or not makes no difference. A victim cares little over whether he was killed by a murderer or a drunk driver because the result is the same.

A lot of work has gone into getting us where we are now, where we have some momentum. We have dodged some head shot bullets, like with the Syria attack. Now it is upon us to honor those victories by doing what needs to be done…denuclearize and demilitarize Zionist Israel. See you on the front lines.

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  1. watchman48 says:

    Just as it is told in the old Testament how God gave Israel unrighteous leaders because the hearts of the people had turned away from God, so too has He given America the most unrighteous leaders in our history…. men and women who are a real disgrace is every way, godless, greedy, prideful, liars, swindlers, thieves, adulteress, traitors and supporters of the murders of the most innocent of life in the wombs… Sadly this describes most Americans also; thus, rightfully so America deserve God’s Judgment.

    God brought heathen nations against the Israelites because they failed to turn back to Him, so too is He bringing the heathen nations against America because Americans have failed to turn to God..
    We have been in a period of Grace since Christ’s crucifixion…. The Holy Spirit spoke into my left ear saying, “I will repay America double for her iniquities.” God has never allowed a destruction of a people or nation before first sending His prophets to share the warnings with the people. AMOS 3:7
    God’s warnings for America’s destruction are very clear to those that seek His heart… But to those that deny HIs presences, this knowledge and understanding is veiled.
    To read God’s judgment for America’s future or lack thereof: Google, “The Message For America, Hand of Help Ministries.” For how I was led to this: Google, “Watchman On The Wall, America ~ Mystery Babylon?” For America’s 2nd major terrorist attack: Google, “The Eagle and the Serpents, Hand of Help Ministries.” And again, what I believe will be the location of the 2nd attack: Google, “Watchman On The Wall, The Eagle and the Serpents (Part 2).”
    This destruction would have already happen had America not been such a blessing to Israel and many others throughout the world.

  2. viper4u2 says:

    IMPEACH this president & his cronies before its too late .Stop israel from trying to buy our governments politicians & destroying our freedom & our constitution . A lot of people lost their lifes for our rights .the Israeli government is buying our politicians with bribes .They no longer represent we the people they are selling our country to the highest bidder . IMPEACH THEM NOW before its too late. Charge them with treason for selling us out !!!! LIVE FREE OR DIE TRYING!!!!!

  3. MOOSE4U2 says:

    where is my post?

  4. MOOSE4U2 says:

    where is my post?

  5. spartacus ! says:

    hey truther ! , what !, your version of the lies that you and your low life scum bro’s promulgate
    ! or the real truth ! , what a fool ! , the only good muslim is a dead one !

  6. Rtaylortitle says:

    Israel is an apartheid , racist, paranoid nation.

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