Time Travel Coming, American Physicist Declares


By Terrence Aym| Beforeitsnews

Can this man warp space, open a doorway through time, and save his father’s life in the past? Professor Ronald Mallet of the University of Connecticut’s giving it one helluva try…

Professor Mallet has a dreama dream that almost borders on an obsession: build the world’s first real time machine that can transport humans through time. If he achieves that dream he intends to travel to the past on a personal mission to save his father’s life.

Mallet has been intrigued with time and time travel since childhood. A professor of physics for three decades, Mallet published his first formal paper outlining his time travel research in Physics Letters more than a decade ago.

The brilliant scientist, who’s appeared as a guest on the popular late night radio show Coast to Coast AM with George Noory, claims that the concept for his time machine uses light to form a circulating laser creating a warp or time loop instead of relying on a gravitic warp. In theory it should work, he argues, as Einstein proved mass and energy are the same.

Dangers can await a time traveler [MGM]

Time travel is coming and coming sooner than you think

Chernobrov and his time machine model

Time travel is coming, and according to a Russian engineer it’s already arrived. Vadim Alexandrovich Chernobrov claims to have built a working time machine at the Moscow Aviation University. Unlike Mallett’s time machine model, Chernobrov’s utilizes extremely strong, warped magnetic fields creating a time vortex. [Before It’s News: Scientist Builds Working Time Machine]

Both scientists’ novel approach sidesteps one of time travels thorny issues, the problem of mass. Mainstream scientists have proposed all manner of exotic means for achieving time travel. Using artificial or natural worm holes (or black holes) are two of the most popular time travel concepts. Both of those methods are not only impractical, but require space travelprobably faster-than-light traveland energy that may exceed the initial burst put out by an exploding supernova.

Where does time start and where does it end?

But other than those few hurdles it might workor at least the math works on paper. Chernobrov claims his time experiments prove that his model works. But unlike the Russian engineer, the approach to time travel that Mallett advocates envisions creating an intricate time loop.

Theoretically, time travel is possible if space can be warped. Experiments testing relativity and the effect on time within regions warped by gravity prove that warps facilitate time travel. The leap forward that Mallett makes is warping space not with mass, but with light.

His hypothesis depends on the creation of time loops. If they exist, time travel becomes possible. Mallett believes they exist. If time loops are proven, he predicts real time travel can be achieved within a decade and regular time voyages before the end of the century.

Mallet’s unorthodox time travel concept: it may work

Building a time machine

To test his time loop theory, Mallet is constructing a time machine that can sit on a tabletop.

Using the coherent light of lasers, he intends to bend the light with a series of specially designed, strategically placed mirrors. Successfully causing light to bend back on itselfcreating a streaming circle of lightshould warp the surrounding space, or so he hopes.

In Irwin Allen’s ‘The Time Tunnel’ the government financed the project

To measure the existence of any warp created by the machine, subatomic particles will be shot through the adjacent space. Those particles’ durationor “lifetime”can determine if a warp exists and, if so, how strong the warp is that the machine’s created. The longer the particle life, the stronger the warp and the bigger the potential doorway into time.

Will time even exist when traveling ‘through’ it?

More importantly, a longer particle life also means the particles have transversed time and traveled into the future.

The paradox: If you kill your grandfather will you still exist?

The Grandfather Paradox and the time traveler

A famous time traveler paradox: a man travels to the past, and then finds and kills his teenage grandfather. How could the traveler exist in the first place if he broke the lineage that eventually produced him by killing his grandfather, thus preventing the birth of his father or mother. The time traveler shouldn’t exist. It’s a paradoxor is it?

Changing the past resets the time line and creates a new universe

Not an issue, declares Mallett. Traveling to the past creates another timeline and the future is not the present you started your journey from. Everything is changed. Time is reset. The reality here today remains the same and is unaffected by what changes in the past.

So the paradox is resolved by the multiverse. Killing a grandfather creates a new universe, a branch that has a different future. But it also means that in the infinite, ever expanding multiverse, a time traveler to the past can never return to the worldand timeoriginally departed.

A timely

mission to save a father’s life

Mallett began his quest to solve the enigmas of time travel while still a boy. His father died of a heart attack when the future physicist was only 10 years old. His father’s death at 33 was a catharctic event that galvanized Mallett towards a lifelong quest to change what was and reset the past into one of his own choosing.

H.G. Wells’ science fiction classic, The Time Machine, opened his eyes to the possibility that time might be conquered and in a sense provide him with the ability to master life and death by manipulating the time stream.

The universe began with light, time travel may be possible with it

The untimely death of a man that the young Mallett adored drove the boy on towards seeking a career as a scientist delving into the mysteries of relativity, the quanta, warps and black holes, string theoryall the open questions and emerging knowledge that may lead towards creating a portal through time allowing him to save his father’s life.

Although it reads like a novel, the story is true and it’s what fuels the foundation of Mallett’s amazing—and perhaps attainabledream.

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