Titor Quest: Avoid World War III between USA & RUSSIA


https : //www.youtube.com/thornews Era John Titor un viaggiatore del tempo o una bufala ? Non ha importanza . Il suo messaggio nel 2000 su come evitare sicuro di sé reciproco nucleare …


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  1. samstwitch says:

    Hi there, I'd like to tell you about the mispronunciation of John Titor's surname. "Titor" is a pseudonym that is nearly always mispronounced. John suggested in a post that "Titor" is an anagram for "Time-travel-OR", which means it is pronounced as TIE-TOR, not TEE-TOR as many mispronounce it. A few JT researchers that I have met are aware of this, but they are few and far between.

    Even if "Titor" wasn't an anagram, it should be pronounced TIE-TOR due to the spelling, such as the "i" sound pronunciation in words such as "minor", "finer", etc., which have an "i" sound, not an "ee" sound.

    You may think this is a trivial matter, but John's pseudonym surname represents WHO JOHN IS, a Time Traveler, which is why the correct pronunciation is important. Every time I hear it mispronounced, it's like listening to fingernails dragged across a blackboard.

    In the November 19, 2009 Youtube video that attorney Larry Haber posted on John's behalf, "Titor" was also mispronounced as "Tee-tor". However, I believe John did this purposely, as he said in the video, "I am the man YOU know as John Teetor", because that's how nearly everyone pronounces his name.

    I suspect Oliver Williams was the first person to mispronounce John's surname. He's the owner of the johntitor.com Website (he's not related to John in any way) and he started giving Radio interviews on Coast to Coast AM about John Titor. So I believe he's the culprit who started this, unintentionally of course. Even though he owns the website, I do not consider him an expert as I've listened to his interviews.

    I hope you will be instrumental in helping to correcting the pronunciation of John's surname. Thanks, and great video!

  2. Fuck yourself old man!

  3. xChaos AMV says:

    Well good conspiracy and theory…. World lines
    And ww3 is possible but I hope that it won't happen..

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