To the Parent of the Unvaccinated Child Who Exposed My Family to Measles

Tim Jacks

Editor’s note: The author is a pediatrician in Phoenix. A version of this letter first appeared in the Jacks’ CareBridge Journal for their sick daughter, Maggie.

To the Parent of the Unvaccinated Child Who Exposed My Family to Measles

To the parent of the unvaccinated child who exposed my family to measles:

I have a number of strong feelings surging through my body right now. Towards my family, I am feeling extra protective like a papa bear. Towards you, unvaccinating parent, I feel anger and frustration at your choices.

By now we’ve all heard of the measles outbreak that originated in Disneyland. Or more accurately, originated from an unvaccinated person that infected other similarly minded vacationers. I won’t get into a debate about the whole anti-vaccine movement, the thimerisol controversy (no longer even used in childhood vaccines), or the myth that MMR causes autism (there are changes in autistic brain chemistry prior to birth).

Let’s talk measles for just a minute. It once was widespread in the US. It is now considered ‘eliminated’ in the US (not continually circulating in the population – only contracted through travel out of country). Measles is highly contagious (>90 percent infectious) and can survive airborne in a room and infect someone two hours later. Another fun fact is that measles is transmittable before it can be diagnosed – four days before the characteristic rash appears. “Measles itself is unpleasant, but the complications are dangerous. Six to 20 percent of the people who get the disease will get an ear infection, diarrhea, or even pneumonia. One out of 1000 people with measles will develop inflammation of the brain, and about one out of 1000 will die.” That sounds fun!


Calm down, self.

I assume you love your child just like I love mine. I assume that you are trying to make good choices regarding their care. Please realize that your child does not live in a bubble. When your child gets sick, other children are exposed. My children. Why would you knowingly expose anyone to your sick, unvaccinated child after recently visiting Disneyland? That was a bone-headed move.

Why does this effect me and mine? Why is my family at risk if we are vaccinating? I’m glad you asked.

Regarding measles, there are four groups of people.

All are represented in my family.

First, the MMR vaccine results in immunity for most who receive it. Two doses provides protection that can be confirmed with blood titers. My wife is in this group.

Second, about 3% of fully vaccinated children do not develop a lasting immune response. They have low blood titers and are not protected against measles. If exposed, this group will likely get the illness. I am in this group. I was thankfully not exposed.

Third, we have the unvaccinated. My son, Eli, is ten months old. He is too young to received the MMR vaccine and thus has no protection. Whether by refusal or because they are too young, exposed unvaccinated children have a 90 percent chance of getting measles.

Fourth, there are children like my Maggie. These are children who can’t be vaccinated. Children who have cancer. Children who are immunocompromised. Children who are truly allergic to a vaccine or part of a vaccine (i.e anaphylaxis to egg). These children remain at risk. They cannot be protected, except by vaccinating people around them.

Maggie, before and after being diagnosed with cancer.

Maggie was diagnosed last August with ALL—acute lymphoblastic leukemia (blood cancer).  She has had multipe rounds of chemotherapy, lumbar punctures, and surgery to implant her port.  She has been admitted six times since diagnosis and spent over three weeks at Phoenix Children’s Hospital (including Halloween and New Years).  She had been immunized fully, but we are unable to immunize her further until after treatments end.  Her treatment will prayerfully end shortly after her 5th birthday, in January 2017.

Here is how the measles outbreak has further complicated our situation.

It was a Wednesday. Maggie had just been discharged from Phoenix Children’s Hospital after finishing her latest round of chemotherapy. That afternoon she went to the PCH East Valley Specialty Clinic for a lab draw. Everything went fine, and we were feeling good…until Sunday evening when we got the call. On Wednesday afternoon, Anna, Maggie, and Eli had been exposed to measles by another patient. Our two kids lacked the immunity to defend against measles. The only protection available was multiple shots of rubeola immune globulin (measles antibodies). There were three shots for Maggie and two shots for Eli. They screamed, but they now have some temporary protection against measles. We pray it is enough.

Eli getting multiple shots of measles antibodies

Eli and Maggie were exposed to measles on January 21. Despite the treatment noted, they could start showing signs of measles any time from now through February 11 (21 days post exposure). After a new blood test, both my wife and I were found to be immune to measles, but the children will remain in isolation until February 11.

Unvaccinating parent, thanks for screwing up our three-week “vacation” from chemotherapy. Instead of a break, we get to watch for measles symptoms and pray for no fevers (or back to the hospital we go). Thanks for making us cancel our trip to the snow this year. Maggie really wanted to see snow, but we will not risk exposing anyone else. On that note, thanks for exposing 195 children to an illness considered ‘eliminated’ from the US. Your poor choices don’t just effect your child. They affect my family and many more like us.

Please forgive my sarcasm. I am upset and just a little bit scared.

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  1. Michelle Larson says:

    You pathetic sheep that won’t get vaccinated are the ones doing the REAL damage. Now this poor child has to suffer all because you are so f&king stupid. I am so glad I do not have children or I might be doing some damage to you idiots if your unvaccinated brats made my child sick.

  2. mgw says:

    I must be missing something or mixing something up…the government are liars along with the scientists and
    CDC. Listen, this type of cancer is in most cases is caused by living environment, diet, water, chemicals and vaccines. I have seen first hand families succeed at reversing these issues naturally I live with leukemia myself from my lead blood issues and am able to treat as a chronic condition.

    Less than a few hundred measles case are reported. We have some 15 million illegals? Most measles cases are down in Southern California & Mexico. Where does Tim Jacks live?

    “Dr.” Tim Jacks wants everyone’s choice to be taken away because of his daughters issues. I believe in NOT contaminating the blood and the right to choose. More children suffer from vaccine side effects than benefit from
    the actual vaccine.

    What did Salk say?
    More people GOT polio from the “cure”

    This hits my nerves about the lies of vaccines.
    Pharma-government everyday lies.

    Terrific History. The yelling is not helpful.
    6 min Published on Jan 31, 2015
    Aired on ” The Savage Nation ” Radio Program on January 30, 2015

    Information about the measles vaccine exposed lies and untruths,
    check the data if you are interested in data you may not have been aware of.
    Starts around 10-12 min runs through 20.

    >>” It was Bechamp who discovered the pleomorphic nature of germs, and later on Bernard.
    … On his deathbed, Pasteur recanted, saying that Bernard was right.
    “Terrain is everything, the Germ is nothing.””<>”On his deathbed Louis Pasteur said “Bernard was correct. …
    Pasteur adopted the germ theory while Béchamp formulated the cellular theory, …
    >>”In his early career, Pasteur did believe that germs were the cause of disease. But 15 years before his death he recanted this belief. From 1923 to 1953, before Jonas Salk’s killed-virus polio vaccine was introduced, the polio death rate in the U.S. and England had already declined by 47 percent and 55 percent, respectively.”<>”Doctors and scientists on the staff of the National Institutes of Health during the 1950s were well aware that the Salk vaccine was causing polio.”<>”As a matter of fact the polio strains Salk used to develop his three polio vaccines from WERE ALL CONCOCTED IN A LAB. Not one of Salks polio viral strains were the so-called “wild strain” the entire scientific community was looking for. … The large pharmaceutical companies are also partnered with petrol chemical companies AND, they both are all partnered with the university systems. Together, they “Dr. Wakefielded” all the important work by these scientists calling them the usual names and threatened all of them their jobs unless they recanted their research findings. “<<

    Ergo, the best medicine is a form of farming. SEE

  3. R.F. Nauman says:

    I fully empathize with the doctor with such sweet children as seen. I can hear his pain and feel the sickness in his heart for his babies. I too have children, grandchildren, and now great grandchildren that I am concerned about all the time.
    I too am in medicine, or I was until retirement. I became a registered nurse and went on to anesthesia training and practiced for over 35 years. I also got a degree in Naturopathy, a BSN, MSN, and did all the work for a PHD; I never completed the dissertation. If we look closely at what has happened over the past several years in medicine and watch the graphic chart as it elevated out of control on the subject of autism we will find that autism that was found as 1 in 3000 drift to 1 in 65 today. Ask yourself the question, “what is the cause of this malady ans subsequent rise in other, i.e. cancer of all types increasing along side of it. To be honest one has to look at the other changes in the lifestyle we have accepted; excito-toxin in the form of coloring, most grain GMO, as well as many vegetable, and coming into fruit now that will market this year bananas.
    Only those that are like minded about these threats and avoid as much as possible will have a chance to avoid what else that is coming to our planet by the devising what we must eat, drink, or inject into our bodies.
    I know the doctor that blamed some phantom that is assumed to be the reason for his inconvience of not being vaccinated to be the cause since I see no proof in his article is unfounded. What ever happened to the vigilant doctors that once sat by the bedside and offered prayer to their Creator for wisdom and forget about ther poison needle that may be responsible for the malady. The ones that had concern for those who unaware they were carrying a disease were counselled to help prevent the spread of said disease. There is no proof as I now see that being vaccinated made a difference that anyones child was keep from harms way by vaccination. Other new maladies have been forthcoming as many practitioners admit today. RON

  4. dr.ante says:

    dear mister, there are far better procedure for cancer treatment than chemotherapy. open your eyes. your brain have been washed by medical-farmacy establishment. there are lots of your colleague who have get ridden of chains.

  5. Glenn Shumway says:

    The “doctor”, while no doubt sincere, has made of himself a kind of AI robot in thrall to his real “god”, Big Pharma. These sons of Satan are part and parcel of the New World Order’s plan for ALL of us “useless eaters”, to (1) reduce our numbers by 90%; (2) weaken and sicken us; (3) profit from us in any way they can, while (4)protecting themselves from any recourse we might otherwise have through the “legal” system.
    Our “law-makers” in Congress have EMPOWERED these bastards by granting them LEGAL IMMUNITY FROM ANY AND ALL “untoward consequences” of their vaccines, including the crippling of our babies and young adults with MS, autism, etc., and DEATH.
    Moreover, VACCINATIONS DON’T WORK AS CLAIMED. They ALWAYS WEAKEN one’s immune system, instead of strengthening it. And, this has been going on for a LONG TIME. See Eleanor McBean’s book “THE POISONED NEEDLE”, concerning her family’s experience amid the 1918 “Spanish influenza” epidemic. EDUCATE YOURSELVES, BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE.

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