Today’s Arrivals (2017/02/24)


Providing the best Japanese Tokusatsu Hero Toys from Japan with our live demo streaming & recorded videos for your orders. We show your items being packed LIVE & RECORDED. Subscribe to our channel for more updates on our latest toy live shows & toy reviews.

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Find your items before and after packing and share them with your friends!
Just type your INVOICE# from your invoice in the search window and see your items on our packing table before and after the packing. Our postman comes and pick up your items after 2 to 4 hours after we finished packings.
【Store Activation Schedule】New items Activation Every Sunday, 8 PM JST and Monday 10 AM JST. Check our activation count down timer at our site:)
【Tracking Your Items】
Track your orders with Japan Post’s tracking number we send you after we shipping. Use the unique code to see where your items are. Search your items at:
【古物商許可(Ehime Pref. Second Hand Dealer Permit)】


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  1. I definitely need to try and get the KyuTama! Good luck everyone!

  2. Ninnin Drive says:

    There are 3 things I would like to buy this week that are kyuranger item and tama for rider is dual gasshat. Last time, 6pm jst I was purchasing while am driving a car and parked because I always lost item to other buyers because of time matching. 555 I love CSToys so I love to win item.

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