Tony Blair: A Study In Psychopathy


by Zen Gardner

This will be brief.

“A picture is worth a thousand words” may sound trite, but it encapsulates a serious truth. Take a look for yourself.

Tony is the kind of pathetic entity that rises to the top of a dog eat dog pyramid structure we’re told we need to live by.

Pyramid Structure?

That’s total BS. We don’t need them or any such structure. That structure is imposed, like royalty. A phony hierarchical supposition by would-be controllers on an unsuspecting populace. Yet they fall for the illusion.

The truth of the matter is, these usurping parasites need us to survive.

Tony glorying in his power….

I know….fill in your own caption.

Classic sunshine Tony….vampirish or what…

Tony Blair

Look alike?

Just for fun…(not really…)

Whoops…dark side showing?…with lover boy Bob Geldof?

Bob showing off his Illuminati credentials…

Perfect photoshop pic…couldn’t help it…..

And now the the quintessential Tony:

Future Prime Minister of the UK. Disturbing doesn’t cover it.

They “rule” over us. Bother you?

Psycho or no-go is their logo….

‘If you can’t see the pattern you’ll never get the picture.’-Z

He’s just one of them. Most of them are less obvious, but nonetheless real.

Be awake, aware and prepared.


6 Responses

  1. bernard baker says:

    don’t forget 2nd in command boot boy Alistair Campbell

  2. But Tony Blair is a Roman Catholic. How can he then be a psycopath?

    • bernard baker says:

      Psychopaths can be religious or non religious,The fact that Blair thinks he’s religious is even more grounds for a self deluded character!….

  3. gary says:

    They are not reptilians or lizard people…. they are psychopaths. The sooner people wake up to the fact that we are being ruled and exploited by these characters the better.

  4. Abaddon says:

    T.B. is certainly appropriate initials for this global one man disease that has cost the lives of millions in the middle east, disrupted the lives of millions more, and destabilised a whole world as he followed obediently his Zionist masters NWO agenda. A more hated man you cannot find. He has made millions since leaving office on his books and lectures as a reward for his obedience in office in following the NWO party line of multi-culturalism, financial fraud, and political deception. What a Judas. This war criminal is deserving of death by all and anyone, for his hands drip with the blood of millions. Judas only made thirty pieces of silver. In for a penny in for a pound, Mr. Blair has certainly learnt a lot from Judas, lets hope he follows his master Judas into the same ignominious end and so do all mankind a favour.

  5. JDavis says:

    Blair makes me physically sick. One of the most disgusting people, politically, spiritualy and generally as a human being if that’s what he is supposed to be.

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