Tony Robinson’s World War I – Part 3 (HD Documentary)


If you like these videos , you will love the award-winning documentary ” The World at War ” in full 1080p here : .. .


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  1. jay kay says:

    Good series but the repetitive music is annoying.

  2. NJtuber88 says:

    Does he ever talk about England's starvation of children in Germany by their Naval Blockade?

  3. 60mgcymbalta says:

    just dropping bombs on civilians…

  4. ronan pender says:

    No mention of the Irish sacrifice that actually broke tru the German line during the Somme the catholic and Protestant men were tru heroes shame on this documentary for not 1 mention

  5. James McCord says:

    All blame aside, I think we can all agree, war is the greatest crime that man can do to himself or the creator which made him. Oh, and the civilians ALWAYS suffer!

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