Top 10 Creepy Celebrity Suicide Conspiracy Theories


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Suicide is a sad reality that even reaches into the world of celebrity. But, not everyone believes that these celebrities who committed suicide actually killed themselves. Kurt Cobain was one of the biggest artist at the time of his reported suicide, but he is an example of one of the biggest celebrity suicide conspiracies that just won’t go away, considering people believe that Kurt Cobain was murdered.

00:30 #10. The Illuminati Killed Robin Williams
01:37 #9. Hunter S. Thompson Was Murdered as a 9/1CoverUp
02:29 #8. The Clintons Killed Vince Foster
03:17 #7. Avril Lavigne Committed Suicide in 2003
04:15 #6. Elliott Smith Was Murdered by His Girlfriend
05:10 #5. Kung Fu Assassins Killed David Carradine
05:59 #4. Kevin Sullivan Killed Chris Benoit & His Family
06:54 #3, #2. & #1. ????

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35 Responses

  1. Thank you for including Elliott ? he was everything to me when I was younger and got me through some dark days… I never felt he got the recognition he deserved

  2. top 10 minutes I won't get back cuz of bad top 10 lists I fall for under false pretenses make that list…and yes most of them killed themselves even Kurt. R.I.P.

  3. I wonder where that tattooed cheerleader is from time to time. She was a babe.

  4. 9:27– How do they know that heroin equivalency to morphine? Doesn't the purity of the heroin depend on how much the dealer has cut it? Also, these "investigators" must have never heard of something called tolerance. Cobain had been using heroin for quite some time, so his tolerance to it had built up. Someone who hasn't used heroin before probably couldn't pull a trigger after using that amount but a hard core junkie? That's a different story.

  5. NGoLC says:

    kurt cobain could not have killed himself for a much simpler reason. he didn't have a gun

  6. Robin Williams = 1st world problems

  7. Let me just state for the record, that I have personally seen people inject 1000+ mg of Heroin, and still very much being able to stand on their two feet and were conscious.

  8. I hate that Don Lemon CNN shill POS.

  9. I would not put it past Courtney love to wait until he passed out then stick a gun under his chin for his shit

  10. no no says:

    elliot smith one is very questionable….

  11. lapytop says:

    Hunter S Thompson dying because of 9/11 seems like such a lazy conspiracy, why didn't they kill Alex Jones or some other nut instead of an old recluse who had become a parody of himself in his later years.

  12. avril is the hottest Zombie i have ever seen. or is she a clone? or was she murdered by her twin sister or a look alike or an alien who took her place? maybe avril was an Alien, Holding the human avril hostage and Will Smith took her down so the "new" avril is the real one?

  13. daniel dell says:

    The Illuminati controls my dick… my dick is a pyramid with an eye in it. lol

  14. TheSpogNYC says:

    What's with all these douchebag teenyboppers making comments about Kurt Cobain? You fuckers weren't even alive when he was around. Get your own music icon. Oh yeah, I forgot, your generation's music is total shit.

  15. lunakarkadam says:

    And Bruce Lee´s death??

  16. sagefoole says:

    JFK and MM-possible. Hell, Ted Kennedy killed someone with his own hands and got away with it…
    Many of these are entirely possible. Waking up next to Courtney Love would motivate anyone to kill themselves. Avril Lavigne-could be dead and this is an imposter, maybe one from the Friends of the Illuminati Mothership in orbit. One never knows…

  17. who174 says:

    where is Lina Morgana and Lady GaGa HUH!??

  18. SuperLordpig says:

    We all know 911 was an inside job, How did building 7 just fell down with out being touched by a plane ?

  19. Balarion says:

    I've never heard of elliot smith but my god, how was his girlfriend not seen as more likely?!

  20. Iris X says:

    I believe that Kurt was murdered.

  21. Naram B says:

    Kurt Cobain WAS murdered. Not a theory

  22. Freya Sol says:

    avril is still alive lol wtf

  23. I knew Kurt Cobain was gonna be on this list

  24. Lonewolf 59 says:

    I believe that (Adolf Hitler) escaped after WW2. I mean think about it if you are the most influential & powerful person in Europe & around the world why would you commit suicide especially when there is really no body or proof of his death? Despite the fact the Russian army was closing in on Berlin & defeating what little of Nazi resistance there was protecting Berlin. But that still wouldn't stop an antichrist like Hitler who had secret tunnels built underneath his bunker, & he had a networking system with cooperation from the country of Spain, along with Germans in South America. & whenever he was found out or discovered he stayed on the run sort of like a nomad with places to run too & hide. As Germany suffered the consequences & repercussions of their sins & actions & they had to rebuild Germany as Hitler got away with his inhumane & heinous crimes against humanity as he lived a comfortable existence. & nothing was done to stop or apprehend him as he didn't suffer or pay for making others suffer & pay with such evil & hatred.

  25. Jarry Lune says:

    What's the name of this background music?

  26. lisa fedef says:

    Wtf is watchmojo anymore

    Watchmojo has to be one of the most cancerous channels ever,

  27. Joe King says:

    I didn't even know aviril laving was dead…I knew her career was but not her

  28. Biker Biker says:

    What?! Avril killed her self?!

  29. TK DK says:

    they talk krispen wah
    okay i see you watch mojo

  30. With the lights out
    It's less dangerous
    People speculate that
    Courtney did it
    He was too high
    To pull the trigger
    So someone else they
    Must have done it


  31. With the lights out
    It's less dangerous
    People speculate that
    Courtney did it
    He was too high
    To pull the trigger
    So someone else they
    Must have done it


  32. Do another one of these, please. And please include Jimmy The Rev Sullivan

  33. From what i have learned from My history classes, The night after hitler got married to his girlfriend they went down to Sims kind of cellar were many of his men killed themselves with either drugs or bullets. Later on you heard gunshots from the room were hitler and his wife was found dead. A few of his men brought him up The stairs, then laid him on The ground were his body was burnt. But nobody could know if this is true, because it's most likely that none of the german soldiers or any vitness are alive today.

  34. Just as he cannot prove his conspiracy theories, ER building don't fall at free fall speed, it's just impossible without explosives.

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