Top 10 Facts – World War II


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  1. Can someone link me to the intro and outro song?

  2. Kathryn Grow says:

    Top10memes: death.

  3. Do a WW1 fact and more sex… heuheu

  4. oops, could not display number transition splash, here take this weird rectangle ascii lookin' thing. I hate the computers expansive vocabulary…

  5. Why Not? says:

    5 submarines? but… i see 6 in the video :x

  6. angelo nelo says:

    name of the song plzzzz

  7. Kosik says:

    Not nazist just say germany :v

  8. Noah Balis says:

    Music? It's incredible! What is it

  9. My great grandfather was sent to awshwitz (i think that's how it's spelt) he was jewish and yes, so am i.

  10. Why did you use a ww1 map in fact 1??

  11. Beau Bullock says:

    I do Nazi how this is so Hitlerious. Anne Frankly, I'm Fuherious.

  12. to call an atomic bomb and equal devastating weapon was a joke i hope.

  13. what is the first song?

  14. I did Nazi that coming. Did jew?

  15. Please do 10 facts ww1.

  16. Lios Prosum says:

    I know Auschwitz is famous and all but it wasn't the worst of the death camps. It was actually a hybrid – partly concentration (and labour) camp, partly death camp. Far more people were killed in extermination camps such as Treblinka and Belzec.

  17. @Top10Memes , Map in 1:08doesn't belong to WWII , look at the Balcans

  18. The181Alex says:

    Russia isn't in war with Japan cuz it is soviet who didn't make a peace contract and soviet collapsed years later and that is why world war 2 is over not still alive everyone need to think about that

  19. trololoev says:

    fact №10 is bullshit. Soviet soldier die, then release europe people for killing they after? First – it stupid, second – for this action solder can be shoot by his own soldier.

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