Top 10 Most Inappropriate Anime for Kids


This video is PG-13! NOT meant for kids. Also It’s just milk on her face don’t worry, it makes sense in the clip… Well as much sense as it can make. Also keep in …


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  1. High school of the dead WAS SOO PERVERTED I MEAN PANTIE SHOTS EVERYWHERE AND A LITTLE BIT OF RACISM!! I'm surprised it didn't make the list…

  2. I can't find number 7 D: I just find clips, no episodes!

  3. you're spoiling all of these anime videos and some of us really wanna find out what
    is going on -,O

  4. I'm a kid time to watch the worst one

  5. Konata Izumi says:

    Shouldn't Shimoneta be in this list?

  6. doublekookie says:

    school live fucked me up

  7. higurashi has yangires.

  8. Melting Sky says:

    Cat Soup is shiny.

  9. HOW the heck is bonus no piko on this list ???

  10. HOW the heck is bonus no piko on this list ???

  11. The Elements says:

    …o-o how is Madoka messed up? I've watched it all when I was like 10 and want to watch the movie

  12. Kene Ofoche says:


  13. future diaries threw me for a huge loop

  14. I kinda wanna watch kodomo no jikan now xD

  15. Number one broke my heart but it's really good

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