Top 10 Most Inappropriate Anime for Kids


This video is PG-13! NOT meant for kids. Also It’s just milk on her face don’t worry, it makes sense in the clip… Well as much sense as it can make. Also keep in …


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  1. High school of the dead WAS SOO PERVERTED I MEAN PANTIE SHOTS EVERYWHERE AND A LITTLE BIT OF RACISM!! I'm surprised it didn't make the list…

  2. I can't find number 7 D: I just find clips, no episodes!

  3. you're spoiling all of these anime videos and some of us really wanna find out what
    is going on -,O

  4. I'm a kid time to watch the worst one

  5. Konata Izumi says:

    Shouldn't Shimoneta be in this list?

  6. doublekookie says:

    school live fucked me up

  7. higurashi has yangires.

  8. Melting Sky says:

    Cat Soup is shiny.

  9. #1: Boku no Pico*

  10. HOW the heck is bonus no piko on this list ???

  11. HOW the heck is bonus no piko on this list ???

  12. The Elements says:

    …o-o how is Madoka messed up? I've watched it all when I was like 10 and want to watch the movie

  13. Kene Ofoche says:


  14. future diaries threw me for a huge loop

  15. I kinda wanna watch kodomo no jikan now xD

  16. Number one broke my heart but it's really good

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