Top 10 REAL UFO Sightings on News Compilation


This is a online video compilation of captured UFO footage featured on reside information broadcasts in 2016 and many years prior to. The UFO caught on digital camera is claimed to be proof of smart alien lifestyle visiting earth. The footage incorporate eye witness encounters/ initial hand accounts of completely obvious area crafts, lights in the sky and unusual occurrences. These UFO caught on online video/tape footage are unable to be confirmed and are presented by you the viewer to decide on to consider it or not.

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  1. Rob West says:

    Pilot who flew Obama…notice they don't say how often. Prob flew him one time somewhere, before he was president. Notice how the media leaves out certain facts to make a story seem more real?

  2. I saw UFO last night with my brother outside

  3. Alan Hughes says:

    There been coming to visit earth for hundreds of years i would like to know how they communicate as there not using the frequency spectrum radio telescopes all over the world are looking for them .nothing really has been found , but there out there.

  4. Military flares, military rockets, toy drones, military drones, spy balloons, weather balloons, Chinese lanterns, blimps, jets, planes, helicopters, meteors, ball lightning…..with all of these things…REAL things…that we know exist in our skies, how can a person see a light in the sky and INSIST that it was an extraterrestrial space vessel? That is NOT logical.

  5. independence day is happing better go get will Smith

  6. Pilot/Obama=legitimizing Fluxliner's pre disclosure?(same ball ignition system).

  7. Mike Curry says:

    The ship in video #3 looks eerily like the spaceship in the classic 1956 movie, War of the Worlds. How creepy is that?

  8. Disregarding false claims, the observation of disk shaped objects in the sky should not be alarming and nor should it be classified as Unidentified. The book of Ezekiel is very specific concerning a circular shaped transport craft, which had the appearance of highly polished bronze. Being within the final generation, One should not be surprised to hear of the observance of craft similar to the ones Ezekiel described.

  9. Gary Quinn says:

    UFO'S are real , I've seen two within 5 minutes apart four years ago over the northern California area in roseville,, I believe the government is more than aware of this and that what I saw that morning could quite possibly be our own that have been re-engineered from other out crashes !!! either it was an UFO from where ever,,or it was one of ours being tested it don't know,,but there is a military airbase just a couple of miles right where I seen the craft I was told !!! it was a big black triangle inverted straight up ward just sitting there ,,that's all I'll say because the rest of what happened is doesn't even make any sense to me !!! very weird

  10. The one at 16:05 i can confirm that is for sure a Missle either launched from a Silo or a Naval Ship I can confirm it is a Missle

  11. I want head from a bad alien bitch

  12. Alwi Alkaff says:

    in cities where sightings ufo

  13. Pay attention to people talking and how they use (or actually misuse) words. This Danzinger pilot misused the word brandished (should be branded, a completely different word). This is a tip off that the person talking is a Grey alien. Even though they seem to be "on our side" often. They do this. Pay attention to oddly mispronounced or misused words.Thanks for this video.

  14. goatbut29 says:

    Damn Sophie. I'd tongue punch her taterhole.

  15. camcroney says:

    reports of sightings mean nothing. first report is nice to hear but…….

  16. Sophia Leigh says:

    if aliens and UFO are really true, then why they didn't attack us UP TO NOW !!!

  17. yeah, I think aliens are cool!

  18. bucataru1977 says:

    I would've pissed all over anyone who told me about ufos. But i've seen at least two cases myself, god damn it!!! i wish i didn't see them, for fuck sake!!! the thing is i knew right away after i saw how they moved, they weren't known…last one traversed my viewing area in like 4-5 seconds, then turned around for 25-30% of the sky and spaced out vertically. It seems to be 1-2 miles high and at least 4-5 miles away, so thats a lot of fuucking speed, man…orange in color…like a light bulb…

  19. It's not the aliens ship it's the drones they send down from outside of the earth's orbit. l have seen metallic orbs clear in the day slowly move below the clouds then ascend straight up out of sight faster then fighter jet.

  20. Jim NORRIS says:

    also they have the capability to shoot an images off the moon
    theu have been planing to shoot logos on the moon.with laser lighting.

  21. Jim NORRIS says:

    Of corse Unidentified flying objects are real.
    but that doesnt mean alieans.just means you dont know what the object is

  22. Neil Pearce says:

    @22:19 you can hear the reporter almost laughing……just goes to show the level of ridicule this stuff gets. Pretty amazing footage yet our pea brain, controlled mainstream media can't take it seriously.

  23. Jay B says:

    same things seen in Iran

  24. Cliff Curtis says:

    I hate seeing bogus info. The aliens are concerned about our nuclear bombs because they come from closer than you think. These visitors are much more advanced and coming from other islands of land and water similar to ours, beyond the ice. Admiral Richard Byrd and FE topic for reference. Also see the secret diary this fleet Admiral. He arranged for it to be published after his death because the powers that be were making him keep it a secret while he was alive (as always).

  25. Bill Anthony says:

    Yesterday up in the air, I saw a light that wasn't there. It wasn't there again today, I wish that light would go away!

  26. Let me wipe some Vaseline on the lens.  OK, that's good.

  27. Please support my channel.

    More Compilations of all the best on YouTube available there

  28. Sorry didn't mean to say that i was using microphonen what I meant to say was that I saw a a UFO

  29. One time I saw flying Jennifer likes playing object real

  30. JTWallance says:

    "Why do you think the goverment is hiding it"
    I can't take CNN seriously.

  31. Chet Walton says:

    there is a simple explanation for each one of the objects discussed in this piece…..they are weather balloons. end of story

  32. Tom Shaw says:

    flat earth explains all things

  33. 17:40 the reporter says "No-one knows whether UFOs actually exist". This guy makes his living by words and information and yet he's one more ignorant person who thinks that "UFO" means Alien Spacecraft. It's in the acronym – UNIDENTIFIED Flying Object. If you see something in the sky but don't know what it is – that's a UFO. Now let's say you find out later that it was experimental military aircraft, or someone tells you it was a weather balloon, or you find out it was an alien spaceship because it lands right by you and green men pull you inside and probe your anus. If any of those 3 things happens then it is no longer a UFO, because you have identified it. Quit asking questions like "Do you believe in UFOs?" It doesn't make sense.

  34. is this video altered or photoshoped or fake?

  35. NASA you Bastards tell the truth, we humans can handle the truth.Aliens Ass lickers.

  36. 16;00 how can i trust a black video filming shows nothing but a white spot؟؟

  37. how can i believe those reporters ؟؟؟

  38. first 4 videos crap…. absolule crap. on #7 btw… anything that is not identifiable flying around in the sky is a UFO. UFO does not mean aliens are here, UFO means "Unidentifiable Flying Object." How fucking stupid are people?

  39. Laura Laman says:

    if you look at these ufos bouncing off the moon like 3 AM they punish you ! especially if you tell ppl about it March 2013 !

  40. 1LaneOnly says:

    Typical American Bullshitters?

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