Top 10 smartphones of 2016


The end of 2016 is coming into view, and pretty much all the big phones of the year have launched. The latest arrivals are Apple’s newest offerings, with the …


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  1. Once Apple would have taken 1st and 2nd place but they're slipping so badly they'll soon not be on the list at all. I'm no Apple hater I've got 2 iPads but I own the Samsung 7 Edge having previously owned the iPhone 6 Plus,it was so expensive and didn't impress me,I felt locked into Apple Inc. The Edge is the perfect mobile for me

  2. Apple is the boss , no samsung ??

  3. AJ Espinoza says:

    Where would you place the Moto Z Droid?

  4. Games says:

    Huawei P9. Came 3rd in your speed test and 3rd in your power test. It even did well in your camera test. Plus it was the second cheapest on there. But nowhere to be seen here, why?

  5. Games says:

    Why did the iPhone user cross the road? To get an android.

  6. freddywayne says:

    He forgot about the Moto Z/ Z Force & LG V20. And I still think the Microsoft Lumia 950xl is just as good as his top 3 flagship smartphones.

  7. why the s7 first?? what about the lg v20 the htc 10 sucks. and the sony is awsam

  8. NIKA KOKAIA says:

    xperia is the best

  9. Elijah Nemr says:

    Which gives you better graphical performance, the Exynos or snapdragon version of the s7?

  10. Brannan DI says:

    the iphone 7 doesnt even have a 1080p screen, that sucks! i think the iphone 7 shouldn't even be on the list

  11. Brannan DI says:

    The "dslr" effect on the iphone 7 plus is just a software thing, many photoshop can do the same thing, so not really a good feature. Its not even a real bokeh effect

  12. huawei p9 where is it?

  13. What about the Huawei P9?
    It has gotten some very drastic price drops online, and it has a very good camera, build quality, and it is very fast as well. In my opinion, it should be on the list.

  14. superleggera says:

    So, how long until the s8 edge? I've been due for an upgrade, but I not urgently needing an upgrade either.

  15. leon scott says:

    iPhone 7 doesn't have a headphone jack…. so its automatically #10…. that's almost as bad as not having a rear camera…. in fact, i'm not sure which is worse but sense its Apple I guess its not such a big deal

  16. Ocko Ho says:

    HTC 10, Nexus 6P and LG G5 are the real champs this year if you look for straight up phones.

  17. David Moore says:

    so you bring Sony down for not having QHD but don't say anything about the screens on the iPhone 7 and 7+? Okay…..

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