Top 10 Times The World Nearly Ended


With comets hurtling towards earth, deadly GMO’s and the threat of nuclear weapons dropping at any moment, it’s amazing that we’ve managed to make it to …


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  1. its finland you dumb fuck

  2. m. s says:

    lol the world wont end until God wants it to end

  3. Really fucking sunlight? Whatever idiot made that satellite should not have been working for a space administration.

  4. foLLo says:

    this shouldn't be a top ten…

  5. Timmy Harris says:

    also when Pluto almost impacted earth

  6. the carrington event did not occur on 2009 when it was suposed to come so in conclusion it is fake the fact that it will occur every 150 years

  7. aXiominatí says:

    Holy $hit, Mother Nature has some serious issues with Indonesia, with it trying to wipe it off the map and all time 'n time again! Props to Indonesians for their continuous resolve…because if it isn't Mother Nature causing serious havoc, it's their own in-grown terror plus notorious gangs causing ill to the people.

  8. Ian Hill says:

    Those damn communists bastards

  9. emmm the sun flame i thinks happens every 200 years because in 1859 happend and in 2009 didnt happen shit 150 years added

  10. No. 0 Justin Biebers birth

  11. Lupe Ramires says:

    dime que seso pero dime puras pendegadas

  12. Bossplaya482 says:

    number 1: Dashie's Mixtape

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