Top 10 World War 2 Games


Grab cheap games here: ✦○✦ HQ Video. Top 10 World War 2 PC Games 2015. I chose one game, from the one publisher. If you like video, …


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  1. Gábor Varga says:

    TOP10 games, you say. Not a single RTS, RPG or any other genre than FPS included.

  2. there better be heroes and generals on this list

  3. João Ioshio says:

    na minha opinião o melhor jogo de 2 guerra e MOH Airborne

  4. N Aügust says:

    the best pvp WW2 on this video is Heroes and Generals

  5. where is call of duty 2 ?

  6. Enemy front was the worst game I ever bought

  7. Day of defeat sucks ass!

  8. Pán Anoným says:

    brothers in arms looks like total bullshit. your skill is so horrible man… your reaction time is horrible too… even when you kill someone you still keep firing to him… firing without sights man… that is so terrible next why is for example battlefield 1942 better than red orchestra or heroes and generals? and hidden and dangerous 2 looks horrible… your skill in throwing grenades… for example in red orchestra . and the best 2 games does not deserve those places… man you are totally big idiot your skill is bad and you cant choose good game.

  9. RO2 is by far the best game on this list.

  10. Forcreust says:

    T'aurais pu rajouter Call of duty 2 quand même :/

  11. Ray Nely says:

    How in the hell did Brothers In Arms Hells Highway only make #6? It should've been way higher then that.

  12. so no Call of Duty 5 (World at War)? PS: its all WW2

  13. MoH: AA gets pretty tought at the end when you crawl through the underground complex.

  14. labhunter1 says:

    What about the deadly dozen?

  15. Never play Heroes & Generals.. They'll eventually ban you for doing NOTHING.. It already happened to me twice, and I paid real life money for stuff there..

  16. Tony Montana says:

    Red Orchestra 2 <3

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