Top 10 World War Anime 2015

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  1. 黃宇豪 says:

    conqueror of shamballa is horrible..

  2. Miguel says:

    I think Conqueror of Shamballa is just a Full Metal Alchemist movie

  3. No Hetalia? thats TECHNICALY WW2

  4. Raine Roe says:

    Grave of the fireflies made me cry

  5. Arabic What says:

    Mom,Look!,a Wolfenstein Anime!.

  6. Matchstick says:

    out of all of them the only one that matters is Grave of the fireflies. It's super sad but miles better then the rest of this list.

  7. Francis Vila says:

    Gate is the best

  8. Joshi R. says:

    what is the name of Japanese?

  9. 黃宇豪 says:

    also zipang(manga) is a masterpiece

  10. Hellsing isn't technically in World War II, it just features Nazis.

  11. The wind rises is pre-WWII…

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