TOP 15 UPCOMING GAMES 2015 – 2016!


My Top 15 Upcoming Video Games on PC / Xbone / PS4 / Xbox 360 and PS3 over the next year! 2014-2015 List: …


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  1. Anyone knows exactly when no man's sky coming?

  2. Windgirl :P says:

    Where's Rise Of The Tomb Raider? It's REALY good game :/

  3. Flame Vishwa says:

    Uncharted is the most awaited game according to me

  4. Joe Duke says:

    Division sucks

  5. Wheatley Jr says:

    I haven't played battlefront at all but I here it's disappointing, can anyone tell me why?

  6. max knol says:

    when i saw for honnor i directley stopped watching becouse i have been waiting for a game like this when i started with gaming 🙂 i hope thad the graphics are good <— my english suck ;)

  7. the division comes at march 8th

  8. What about rainbow six siege that game is awesome I have it you should get it

  9. The Mohawk says:

    actually ac creed dosent come out this 2016

  10. old school games are better than those bullshit like this if u'r with me

  11. What about mafia lll


  13. Magneeto says:

    Best content creator??

  14. when the moment that you played metro 2033 and metro last light and you see that there is no new metro game

  15. Alaa Mahmoud says:

    @11:07 hunters sound from half life 2 ep2

  16. 10:10

    "I like how this next part goes…"
    "Secret tunnel, secret tunnel, through the mountains. Secret, secret, secret, secret tunnel!"

  17. The Devision: Hahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahaahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahaha…ha :(

  18. jose rosa says:

    I'm sad that the robot dog died

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