Top 3 Best Haka In The World


Top 3 Best War Dance In The World.


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  1. la segunda es una puta mierdaaaaa

  2. only one of them is a haka

  3. Marley Smith says:

    1st. Samoan Siva Tau
    2nd. Aboriginal War Dance (Sorry I don't know the proper name of it)
    3rd. The Māori Haka. Kapa-O-Pango is the name of the Haka.
    There was only one haka in this video

  4. i think it's a waste that the croud doesn't shut their mouth

  5. Lolol this ain't a Haka check out All blacks Haka

  6. The boys in black were doing the Haka best you will ever see

  7. 04:09 Por favor alguien ayudelo esta poseido por el diablo jajaja

  8. I want to live in new Zealand, I like that culture

  9. I want to live in new Zealand, I like that culture

  10. Nikoletta P says:

    1st is Samoan 2nd is Australian Aboriginal war dance and last 1 is the Haka. (Someone not from our countries must of made this video) lol

  11. Too much of this nonsense in rugby now. Men should be Men. Not poncing around like these tarts.

  12. Ivan Beloni says:

    Those are not haka, they are just performances, created by coreographers

  13. Ric Clarke says:

    thats not a haka ( hello ther're Tongan ? )

  14. daniel sarn says:

    Nice to see the indigenous Australian dance in here, I hope they keep it for the NRL all stars game.

  15. The reason they called it Haka is because that is more relatable. The All Blacks have been doing the Haka for almost 100 years so the challenges are more universally known as Haka. Once Samoa, Tonga and Australia make it a standard, rugby fans will learn the actual names. Until then, these are all Haka.

  16. To hell with your splash screens!!!

  17. that was the best one I've seen but i need some think i wanna know what thay say

  18. Chase gosche says:

    There not all called a Haka aboriginal people don't do Hakas get it right

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