Top 5 Apocalyptic Nuclear Bomb Facts


Top 5 Apocalyptic Nuclear Bomb Facts Subscribe World War 3 will likely be a Nuclear war, involving nuclear warfare, nuclear warheads …


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  1. Jibriltz says:

    Where's the Hollywood film for the Russian guy who saved the world? I bet if one comes out they'll change it so it was secretly an American.

  2. Alex B says:

    If you could nuke 1 country, what country would that be?

  3. Bryon Yamada says:

    #5 as easy as any code would be. Just how many would even try it or even think about it, beaning in a highly guarded/secure government facility?

  4. Adrian Avery says:

    depictions of war? demonitized!

  5. yes I think that should be something that all nuke welding countrys should have to do. kill 2 people to get the codes one fast for the blast one that suffered for them that die after from radiation and other stuff that comes from it and have to be bound to them so can't kill and run you have to watch him die slowly

  6. Sol Badguy says:

    So that's how Apocalypse launched the missiles… He knew about the 4 zeros

  7. axelx666 says:

    If you don't believe me about the guidelines and such of nuclear warfare

    Go on and Google it.

    We have restrictions in place for a reason.

  8. jono walker says:

    hey watch mojo? fuck off and die you stupid yank cunts.

  9. jono walker says:

    also the world's worst nuclear disaster was when America DIDN'T nuke itself, you're living on borrowed time you pieces of shit.

  10. I would not want the president to kill someone to get nuclear codes

  11. without watching the facts i am hoping getting in a lead fridge is not a way to survive it

  12. You're telling me they dropped a nuke in NC and I didn't know about it??? Wtf

  13. So Petrov was commended for remembering his training? That's a true meritocracy right there.

  14. v Daxyy says:

    Ohh shiza I live in North Carolina…….

  15. I loved White House down. 10/10 HarryImdb.

  16. gerry graham says:

    Top five facts about attention deficit disorder I beg you please.

  17. Warsrecker says:

    If the bombs would have detonated, then we would have a couple of sites in our history books dedicated to some pretty evil terrorists who bombed the united states -.-

  18. Bret DeFrain says:

    Yeah, b52's have a pretty bad rap sheet for crashing with nuclear bombs.

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