Top 5 Illuminati Facts CONFIRMED


Top 5 Illuminati Facts CONFIRMED Subscribe The Illuminati are basically the epitome of conspiracy theories. Some people conflate them …


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  1. RickP2012 says:

    The Illuminati and Freemasonry connection isn't down to the internet, it goes back to a book written in 1797 by John Robison. The book alleged that the illuminati had infiltrated the freemasons and brought about the French Revolution, the eye in the triangle appears also on the Rights of Man document.

  2. god doesnt exist, so does the devil

  3. JC Maelstrom says:

    Most condescending Watchmojo video ever.

  4. CONFIRMED: The newest Illuminati plans are to put a lot of bean powder in all our foods. This will make us fart more during the day. Because of that the planet will slowly move further from the sun towards Niburu. Once there we will be enslaved (again) by our creators the Anunnaki so that we can serve them once more until we die a horrifying death. This is of-course all confirmed by Hillary Clinton, the Crab-People and Obama!

  5. an bo says:

    Free masons are worse than the illuminati

  6. HappyFinn22 says:

    The owl is on the dollar bill. Look on the front of the bill. Look at the one on the top right. Take a picture with a phone and zoom in or get a magnifying glass and look. It's right there

  7. The illuminati owns 90 percent of all media in the world

  8. Xavier Lyons says:

    The real fact is if anything actually existed im pretty sure watchmojo wouldnt have a clue about it.. lol

  9. the owl is actually on the 5 dollar bill.

  10. Kali Garcia says:

    Holy f*in cow! A lot of you commenters are off your rockers.

  11. Jon Lee says:

    I like to believe Alex Mason killed Kennedy lol

  12. Sage Vaughan says:

    Ask siri are you iluuminati

  13. BeatSap says:

    how do you know all of these thing's? i guess you're part of the illuminati

  14. How's the weather in fantasy land where you live, guys? More conspiracy theories have been proven true than scientific ones… there is still no proof the big bang occurred, Einstein's theory of relativity and the unified field theory were calculated on the fact that nothing travelled faster than the speed of light, which science has now disproven; particles exist that surpass light speed. Science, other than life sci & chemisry, is a lot smart men doing a lot of math enabling them to theorize. And "for the sake of illumination" and your edification, as of 7/4/76, there was only 1 signature on the Declaration of Independence, John Hancock's. Others were gathered later over a period of months. You sound like you paid good attention in the class that schools call history, but they only teach what they want us to know, not what we need to know. Schools groom us by teaching those things that enable us to earn a living and pay taxes.

  15. pakonicoco says:

    If their symbol is an owl, then whats going on with the bohemian grove event? Presidents, politicians, millionares, go there and worship a giant owl…

  16. Ginge 74 says:

    You forgot to mention the Skull and Bones organisation.

  17. AiKa Lo says:

    It's the eye of Horus not eye of providence…and there isn't even any mention of eye of providence in the Bible so it's not Christian.

  18. Now we need freemasonry facts.

  19. Diego S says:

    Good video, I knew most of this things, and never believed in the conspiracy theories about the illuminati. This was indeed intresting to watch, and learned a few things too.

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