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Big corporations pay millions in public relations to make customers associate their brand with a warm and fuzzy feeling. It is imperative that the soulless and inherently greedy nature of the corporation be hidden behind a family-friendly facade. But some companies just don’t give a hoot. They hate you, your family and especially your cat and they don’t care if you know it. They even display their evilness right on their logo. Here is my top 5 of most sinister logos.

#5- Alfa Romeo


Yes, I agree they make great looking European cars. But look closely at the logo. Why is there a  snake eating a little terrified guy on it? I mean me personally, I’m a human, not a giant snake-dragon. So the fact that a snake is eating a person is unsettling for me because I tend to identify with the person and not the giant crowned snake. If you look at the logo’s history, the ancient ones depicted the guy in a more vivid way.

In older logos, the little guy is in different color, still waving his arms in a seemingly desperate cry for help

The official story of the logo is that Romano Cattaneo was given the task to come up with a badge for the then new company, in 1910. While waiting for a train at Piazza Castello in Milan, he gained inspiration from the Visconti family’s coat of arms displayed on a door. It features a “biscione” which is a serpent eating a human child.  It reportedly terrified the local populous of Milan in the early part of the 5th century A.D. It has been said that the human being eaten is a Moor, during the Crusades. If that’s the case, who or what does the serpent symbolize?

Coat of arm’s at Milan Central Station. That nasty looking serpent is eating a child… Or is it giving birth to it? Can it represent the Bloodline?

Some esoteric authors claim that the serpent is actually a kundalini (shakra snake) eating the material nature of man, thus signifying esoteric initiation. It is possible. But why was this symbol placed on Berlusconi’s front lawn?

Sylvio Berlusconi’s front lawn with man-eating serpent symbol.

The people at have appropriately noticed that this symbol had been used in numerous documents throughout History such as Aztek drawings and alchemical engravements. The logo today seems to have taken a definitive elitist meaning, due to its usage by noble families, big corporations and even pseudo-dictators such as Berlusconi.

While we’re talking about snakes eating people, why do I keep coming across art that portrays reptiles overpowering humans?

Vigeland Park, Oslo. Look at its creepy face.
Vigeland Park, Oslo. How about a sculpture of me punching one of those things in the face?
Waddesdon Manor (Rothschild Estate), England

Maybe I should ask David Icke for his take on the subject…

#4- Vodaphone


This logo has been criticized because there are three 6′s hidden in it. Can you see them?


As you might know, 666 is the biblical number of the Beast in the Book of  Revelation. It is associated with Satan, the Antichrist and Bob Saget (little humor here).  Students of occult numerology learn that 666 refers to the material man, who is driven by his lowest impulses. He is thus similar to a beast and consequently embodies his own worst enemy. Whatever signification people attribute to the triple 6, it is always extremely negative. The good people at Vodafone however love  it to a point that they use it all over their advertisements:



Another interesting yet disturbing fact is the uncanny resemblance of the Vodafone logo with the one of the KKK.

Vodafone logo looks exactly like the KKK blood drop

The 6 of Vodaphone is similar to the blood drop from the Klu Klux Klan symbol. Are we again reffering to a bloodline? So, yup, there’s something terribly wrong with that logo.

#3- Council on Foreign Relations


The Council on Foreign Relations is not a corporation but this logo has to be discussed here. If you know anything about international politics or the plan for a New World Order, you surely know about the CFR. It is has been named “the most influential foreign policy think tank in the world” by international journalists. The list of its members is astonishing, to say the least, as it includes gigantic names in the corporate, financial and political world. Some examples of corporations: ABC News, American Express, Boeing, Coca-Cola, Ford Motor, Google, Halliburton, Heinz, IBM, Nike, Sony Corporation America and Visa. Examples of members: Barack Obama, Zbigniew Brzezinski (Obama’s advisor), Hilary Clinton, Dick Cheney, John McCain and David Rockefeller. Many authors have observed that these figures are working towards a world government and many members haven’t denied this fact. Recently, Obama has chosen the president of the Council on Foreign Relations Richard Haass, along with senior CFR-members Richard Holbrooke and  Dennis Ross as special Foreign Envoys/ Foreign Policy Advisors.

On the logo we see a naked man riding an angry horse and flashing some sort of medieval gang sign. Is this the type of guy you would ask for advice concerning international politics? No. Well, maybe you would just for kicks. The figure on the logo contain many symbols that need deciphering.

The white horse on the logo is most probably a reference to the first horse of the Book of Revelation. The biblical passages goes as follows:

“And I saw, and behold a white horse;
and he that sat on him had a bow;
and a crown was given unto him:
and he went forth conquering, and
to conquer”

-Revelation 6,2

The man sitting on the horse is naked, symbolizing the fact that he is wild and thus have no cultural affiliation. He is flashing the “Sign of Admiration”, one of the many occult hand signs the elite keep waving at your face without you realizing it. Here’s Napoleon (Freemason and Illuminist) making the same sign.


Masonic documentation state that this sign is part of the rituals of the 6th degree.

6-15-2009 9-09-05 PM
Screen shot of “Duncan’s Masonic Ritual and Monitor”, Malcolm C.Duncan

During this same ritual,  members are asked to repeat “For he is good” six times, then say “for he meroy endureth forever‘” six times. They  are finally asked to rise and balance six times. Draw your own conclusions on the meaning of this ritual. Here’s what Texe Marrs say on the subject:

“The hand/arm salute of the CFR’s naked man atop the white horse, in Masonic textbooks, is called the “Sign of Admiration.” Its explanation is bound up in the ancient pagan temple rituals of Israel’s apostate King Solomon. In reality, this sign is the occult salute of those who are of the Synagogue of Satan. The salute is made in honor of their leader and king, Lucifer, whom the Scriptures call, the “Prince of the Power of the Air.”

Is he totally out of line or barely scratching the surface?

Finally on the CFR logo, we find the saying “Ubique”, which means “Everywhere”. Can this be anymore Big Brother-ish? In other words, you can’t escape the wild naked rider. He might present himself as a man of peace on his white horse but he represents the occult cabal plotting against your best interests.

#2- Bechtel


I don’t need to go into occult symbolism for this logo. It’s just blatant and in your face. It looks like the logo of a villain in a Saturday morning TV cartoon. Why are the oceans red on the logo? Are they filled with the blood of the innocent or something? I mean what are we supposed to think? And why are the continents grey? Are they completely paved with concrete? I especially like the way “Bechtel” is stamped over the planet as if it was saying “We own this place, get the hell off our propriety”. If you don’t know about this mega construction and engineering company, learn about it because it is literally all over the world.

“Evil corporation” is a cliché and slightly annoying expression used by the corny branch of the liberals. But, trust me, it really applies here. Here are a couple of exploits accomplished by this great organization (all citations are from Wikipedia):

Stealing water from poor people:

The Bechtel vs. Bolivia case is round two of a fight over something basic: water. Two years ago Bechtel took over the public water system of Bolivia’s third-largest city, Cochabamba, and within weeks raised rates by as much as 200 percent, far beyond what families there could afford. When the company refused to lower rates, the public revolted. Widespread protests eventually forced Bechtel to leave.

Building chemical plant for Saddam Hussein:

In 1988, just after Saddam Hussein had earned international condemnation for using poisonous gas against thousands of Kurds, Bechtel signed contracts with Iraq to build a chemical plant.

Profiting from the fall of Saddam Hussein:

Critics in both the United States and allies like Britain have questioned the process by which the U.S. awarded Iraq contracts to American companies. The profiteering from the destruction caused by the shock and awe at the beginning of the war has caused Bechtel to be accused of disaster capitalism

Profiting from hurricane Katrina:

In 2005, Bechtel was awarded a no-bid contract by the Federal Emergency Management Agency to install temporary housing for the Hurricane Katrina disaster relief effort. The lack of competitive bidding for the contracts was criticized, as was the high cost of the contracts and the failure to support local, minority-owned businesses.

There are many more pretty examples. Also, read on Bechtel’s environmental record. It might explain why the water is red and the earth is grey on their logo.

1- Procter and Gamble


This is the mother of all sinister occult logos. It has it all. The corporation (who manufactures a great portion of your household products) has faced much controversy during the 1980′s because of the dark symbolism of its logo. Due to his bad reputation, the “Moon Man” doesn’t appear on products anymore but he is still on Procter & Gamble stock certificates as of this date, and also at the entrance of some P&G facilities.

The logo features a moon crescent with a human face on it. In occult symbolism, a human face on a celestial body typifies it as a deity. The moon is usually portrayed as a goddess because of its receptive nature. In this case, who is this mysterious masculine deity? Some clues concerning its identity are hidden inside the logo. First, look at each end of the moon crescent..two horns. Don’t jump out the window yet. Look under the face of the moon, near the circle…there’s an inverted 666. OK, now you can jump out the window.


There are exactly 13 stars in the logo, an important number in esoteric (especially masonic) numerology. In their lawsuit against Amway, P&G claimed that the 13 stars referred to the 13 colonies of the US. I’m sorry, but that is 100% BULL-CRAP. You might convince  bribed judges or morons of this idiotic explanation, but any knowledgeable person in occultism realizes that this logo isn’t just a collection of random cool looking things, as they might claim. There are clear astrotheological and esoteric symbols in this logo, who make it reminiscent of  images found in ancient Black Magic books.

P&G has filed numerous lawsuits against its detractors and recently won against Amway. Some might say “OK case closed, the judge decided that it wasn’t occult. I can now go back to listening to Lady Gaga”. Some however still trust their own judgment.

To Conclude

If you believe there’s a logo that should be here, be sure to post it in the comments sections. A big part of this analysis is personal interpretation, based on research using esoteric documents who are studied by the occult elite. You might agree or not with my conclusions but I don’t really care. The ultimate goal is to encourage people to examine their surroundings and ask “why”…maybe even doing some research would be a bonus. If more people could take this step and actually be interested in what surrounds them, our society’s collective mind would be a little less driven by “dumb-ass” based philosophy.  The rewards of this change would be incredible. Meanwhile, back to my Lady Gaga.

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    have anyone noticed 666 of the google chrome logo?

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    Very well researched thanks….They communicate through these symbols and extract our energy.

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    Little bits bullsh*t from the OP here.. says, “the Visconti coat of arms .. features a serpent eating a human child .. a Moor.”

    The child on the biscione at Piazza Castello in Milan, does in no way resemble a fuggin’ Moor at all!

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    Just take a long look at the Windows logo. After a while, you recognize there’s a dark swastika staring at your face.

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    Love it, some nice new comparisons, I too extensively cover the subject in a new book Trapped in a Masonic World, hope you can read it.

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