Top 5 Upcoming Smartphones in 2016(will change your smartphone experience) – 2


Here is the list of most innovative upcoming smartphones in 2016…. Get Unlimited Free Instagram follower : Don’t Forget to …


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  1. Yash Agarwal says:

    Apple Looks so less innovative compared to the first two gadgets

  2. YamiPoyo says:

    Galaxy 7 edge has a 12 dual pixel camera it does not use usb type c

  3. Georgia Oram says:

    the Nokia looks rubbish

  4. the Nokia phone l looks like a pregnancy tester

  5. the Nokia looks like a Panty liner o.O

  6. Yuen Han says:

    Is the iPhone 7 real

  7. fake as my fucking grandpa's teeths!!!

  8. Is this for real ??

  9. the s7 edge is opposite of this one ?

  10. Külyutmaz says:

    that iphone looks like a htc one

  11. The F**KIng Iphone 7 is Android

  12. Kurt Jimenez says:

    The Nokia is An ugly phone and it's weird

  13. Kizmaro says:

    They should make a jPhone. OR! MAYBE A, dunno.

  14. Usman Ali says:

    google ara when will that come

  15. dev singh says:

    google is best phone

  16. dev singh says:

    all things are also perfect

  17. WTH is the last one. that is the worst fake concept I've ever seen

  18. I have Samsung Galaxy s7 my bro has Samsung Galaxy s7 egde

  19. Anthony Ball says:

    the samsung flexible phone is the dumbest concept ever

  20. iPhone 7 "innovations" are copied from Android, that has them for years

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