Top 5 Wedgie Dares



The playground at college or playing with your close friends won’t have to be unexciting. No longer do you have to do the identical detail each working day or fear above what to do.

We have set alongside one another a record of what we imagine are the prime 5 wedgie dares. These dares are good to do by itself, with close friends or get again at your annoying brother. They will give you and your close friends with several hours of enjoyment.

If you really don’t know what a wedgie is, it is when a individual has his underwear caught in the crack of there bum. This generally occurs when a person reaches down and pulls the bottom edges of a pair of underwear up previously mentioned the wearer’s trousers to the stage where by the leg openings of the underwear can be noticed.

Wedgies can also come about obviously all on there personal. If you’re donning trousers that are too limited, the trousers can rub versus your underwear enough occasions to build a wedgie. If your underwear, panties, or briefs are too smaller, the edges may possibly experience up into your butt cheeks. They can also come about extremely each day exercise, because your outfits change when you are continuously relocating.

Leading 5 Wedgies

one. Frozen Wedgie Dare

Give or obtain a Popsicle Wedgie & Front Wedgie by soaking a person’s underwear in drinking water and set them in the freezer for an hour. Then give/obtain a Wedgie & Front Wedgie at the identical time in the frozen underwear.

two. War Wedgie Dare

Two folks stand deal with to deal with with their stomachs touching. They access both equally arms all around each and every other as though they are hugging and grab the other’s waistband and given each and every other Wedgies at the identical time

3. Ice Product Sundae Wedgie Dare

Put a scope of ice product, chocolate sauce, sprinkles and whatsoever other sundae toppings you would like down the person’s underwear and give them a Wedgie.

four. Trampoline Wedgie Dare

Give or obtain a wedgie and then leap up and down holding the individual by there underwear. Go on jumping right up until the underwear breaks or rips.

5. Reverse Wedgie Dare

Acquire a Wedgie in a unique type of underwear than you typically put on. So, if you put on briefs all the time, set on a pair of boxers and then obtain a Wedgie.

These are just a few of our beloved wedgie dares. If you want additional verify out or our new app, Wedgie Dares readily available for Iphone/iPad and android.

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