Top 5 – World War I games


With Battlefield 5 reportedly set in World War 1 we thought it would be a good time to take a look at other games that take place in this horrific setting. As it turns …


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  1. "You must have missed us" the funniest part of the video

  2. What about cod waw

  3. Valiant hearts…… my god that game ripped my heart out

  4. I'm quite surprised that Wings was not even mentioned. This game had three mission types: Standard dog fight sim, top down bombing run, and isometric ground assault.

  5. I mean, there are only like five WWI games.

  6. Kyle Roesner says:

    WW1 was such a grim war

  7. I'm still amazed how this channel still doesn't have 1,000,000 subscribers.

  8. Verdun needs probably like 64 players rather than 32 player maps to more accurately simulate the mass charges. Right now it seems too small scale.

  9. Rise of flight goes in another list? or it just didn't make to that one

  10. Teddy Riggs says:

    Valiant Hearts the game that made many men cry…. and it's ok

  11. Yes, Verdun should be #1, and it is. It is the most fun ive had in any war game since MW2. I bought a 4 pack and eagerly gave them extra copies away to people who had not heard about it. Well done list though, definitely not a watchmojo type list.

  12. Mayo Rice says:

    Their honorable mentions looked way more fun than the games on the actual list.

  13. Wouldn't have clicked if I knew there was a sad part with a dog.

  14. Haha I played Red Baron when it first came out. It was hard, but fun.

  15. Darvlok says:

    Ah, Hogs of War was a great game :)

  16. Nickstar says:

    What Bf 5 is set in ww 1?

  17. wow, forgot this channel existed. Just came to see how things are going

  18. Paul A says:

    What about the iOS game Trenches? That game was dope!

  19. BadDog Gamer says:

    rise of flight?

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