Top Secret Ancient Technology you didn’t Know – Full Documentary


Top Secret Ancient Technology you didn’t Know – Full Documentary Watch these Most popular Documentaries also: Deadliest Earthquake on Mount Everest …


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  1. CJ99 says:

    So you uploaded a cheap vhs copy of a tv show n top it off with a misleading title n thumbnail. Fucking amateur.


  3. Garrett O says:

    It's funny how more advanced technologies tend to be the first to decay. If a 5,000~10,000 year old civilization had invented internet-capable computers, there would be no trace of them today; meanwhile we would discover their basic stone structures and judge the civilization based on that.

  4. Could have been a good documentary, but for that constant intrusive background music. Why does nobody know how to make a watchable documentary anymore?

  5. nigel carter says:

    One should ask why the library was burnt to the ground in the first place. There is an unseen force which seem to have the agenda of wiping away our history of great achievements if they contradict the plans of the elite. We are forced to reinvent what was already invented in order for these inventions to be monitored, owned and patented. This is just the tip of the ice burg, many other texts of many people seem to has vanished, renamed and or reclaimed. We the people of today are just sheep walking around in an environment which is bordered by an electric fence. Outside of that fence is another enclosed area with more sheep surrounded by more fence. The fences depict the expanse of our knowledge which we are forced to accept, forced to comply or be dealt with accordingly. This very History Channel is one of the mechanisms used to power that electric fence. They seem to keep you informed from the perspective of these very elite. One should ask…who really owns these corporations? WATCH WHAT YOU EAT…SMELL WHAT YOU DRINK.

  6. Johan Lee says:

    Area 51 made a portal to crash the plane to the pyramid

  7. Jose Ventura says:

    so having a copyrighted video this proof ? Dont you folks know that this is more entertaining then actual fact ? Take with a grain of salt don't always believe the evidence you see on YouTube % 99 is hearsay and have little credibility and the rest is bullshit !!! Learn the facts on your own not everything you see on youtube is real…..

  8. Excellent Vid. Thanks for posting!

  9. Paul James says:

    The ancients all died out of boredom watching this video…yawn :-)

  10. pjczuba says:

    Imagine if lost 1000 years of dark ages would never happend,how far more advance our civilazation could become by now!?!

  11. Reported for mislabeled video, if everyone reports this cunt we can get all of these shitcunts who mislabel these documentaries off youtube.

  12. Most things that say "Top Secret" are BS. Cool video, but the "Top Secret" title almost made me skip over it. Well worth watching. Awesome!!!

  13. Meman Hauman says:

    The upload quality is as ancient as the the tech they are talking about.

  14. X-15 says:

    Very interesting presentation.

  15. vin ash says:

    Very Misleading Title for Something Uninteresting Like This, Lost Patience Trying to Get To Know Which Secret Was Going To Be Revealed!!! ?

  16. beaconrider says:

    If this technology is top secret, how do you know all about it.

  17. top secret encient discovery

    human has come from a far

    an immaculete rest for 2000.oo year age
    in thise discovery we will
    like to think
    it was known to greek encients
    withe roman practal peopl things
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    it is modern

    that ws built by
    encient greek

    remail with agrimps inside

    machine gear

    whose creation?

    little for 100 yrs

    anti…mechanisme ow story can be rtold
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    nit to survuve she sinks she lays here

    investgte the dead bodies remnant of
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    were jon to the find of the decade statues made news has work of a junius wereas unknown in th helenic history

    2@1/2flouriches the greeks as golden age field of math and intrude to philos intro the the modern….creation was to follow the creation since

    misterious enginn mechanical divice smullarities mechanical indicatingthe complication of the son of the age of the moon mechanisme is to found the greek letting also have geer weeves we have evidwence of twoo

  18. Kevin Reed says:

    Bullshit you expect people to believe this shit gtfoh..

  19. OMG! WTF! Greeks and Romans? This is not History. It is His-Story :)

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