Top Secret Obama 2012 World War 3 Illuminati Antichrist Conspiracy!



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  1. i know that there has got to be some people trying to kill off the poor and noneletie if population keeps going up the rich would go with out but if they get rid of the poor than the less rich will then be next and so on

  2. the999REBEL says:

    @DigitalUploads411 please tell me the name of the song at the beginning. I've been searching for it!!

  3. melik3pie says:

    Just so you know, there wasn't a plane crash in 911. Explosives

  4. ZeK says:

    Init lol 🙂

  5. ZeK says:

    Here it is 🙂 – clubbed to death – Matrix soundtrack Subscribe to me cos i told you it?
    Thanks 😉

  6. I see the government constantly using black hellicoptors to dumb sprays. Then all the bees in the area dissapear. Trees get weird diseases.

    in some big cities the smog is so terrible your eyes and skin burn like fire fro being outside. Rain you have to run and hide.

    I have seen ships in the clouds move across the sky in minutes.

    The Jews want to build thier third temple and the zionists in control wage wars… The media is pure evil and people are no longer sensitive to it.

  7. …..I see military planes constantly dumping crap in the air and surveiling areas… I was standing outside with some frineds and it was daylight full sun no clouds and we felt moisture and drops of water after a hellicoptor passed by. We saw the sprays another time at the break of dawn then the choppers flew away in unison and dissapeared into the clouds right before the dawn broke and it was first light. either way the Jews need to be exposed asap for global conspiracy and control for greed.

  8. OmarTheNoble says:

    can you give me this songs please i love the piano part

  9. Clubbed to death – Matrix Soundtrack

  10. Alicia Banks says:

    hobama is a liar!!!

    his entire life is a lie!


  11. Salem witch trials, " The devil was a blackman",, he was the devil in the year 1692 A.D. and before, and he's still the devil according to you, here in the year 2013?,,, "All three -women- were brought before the local magistrates and interrogated for several days, starting on March 1, 1692. Osborne claimed innocence, as did Good. But Tituba confessed, "The Devil came to me and bid me serve him." She described elaborate images of black dogs, red cats, yellow birds and a((( "black man")).

  12. TRicey9779 says:

    Christians should stop making these types of videos. Would like one from an unbiased point of view, as whenever aliens, new age stuff or something that counters their beliefs comes in it's always the work of Satan and deception. I don't think you see the true aspects of spiritualism or ascension beliefs, they're much like your own if not more reasonable and 'true'.

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