Total Collapse – The Build up to World War III


So far in my videos discussing the economic collapse of the U.S. I have left out one important element: World War Three. WWIII is not going to be an accident.


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  1. One time in my life I am glad Canada is not on any America maps.

  2. What's the movie shown from 2:44 ?

  3. Is it not becoming to late 

  4. youpube says:

    Everybody research the venus project and spread the word before its to late

  5. you'reaidiot says:

    Hurry up we need WW3 Now!!!

  6. Glen DSouza says:

    and the award for blowing things out of proportion goes to…

  7. I am so thankful for your amazing insight into the event's that are happen in this world and the true information that you are trying to get to the people who are not sure what to believe I think you have a very good way of getting the info across thanks again for your help in these dark and confusing time's stay the Course and be strong !

  8. Ajita Rijal says:

    what if american army officer will recognize this fact and stop supporting us government.

  9. Most likely America, Russia, China, Iran and North Korea would be the main cause of WW3.

  10. Answer: Buy land in the country. Drill water well. Grow your own food… sell what you don't eat for your side business. Have your own power source anything or everything from fireplace to solar panels. But MOST important KNOW, LOVE and FEAR the LORD GOD ALMIGHTY and His Son Yahushua HaMassiach (Jesus the Messiah in Hebrew). "Repent and Believe the Gospel." Mark 1:15 Also get to know your country neighbors. For example… One may be a doctor… and all you can give him is some veggies you grew… or a service you could do for him… say repairing his roof… or whatever. Trading and bartering will be like in the days of old if or when the US dollar falls. We must stay close to Elohim (Almighty God in Hebrew)… read the word… listen to the Holy Spirit… daily cultivate that precious relationship you have with the Lord… for He will help you.

  11. were jews as the murderers of lincoln over greenbacks and Kennedy over silver certificates…1863@1963…..not mentioned by accident in this video or because they are puppets of kikejewry themselves?

  12. Refugee70s says:

    all wars are bankers' wars

  13. JL Bostrom says:

    you are not a fear Monger so stop listening to that. We care about our brothers and sisters period…

  14. JL Bostrom says:

    this is about the nwo -

  15. JL Bostrom says:

    the story is already too long written down the road. the illuminati would not let us spread truth if they were not secure in their strategy/..

  16. Our window of opportunity

  17. 0x00 0x00 says:

    Welcome back pilgrims.

  18. when ww3 starts can I take a sick day from work.

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