Total War Warhammer Dwarf Campaign Part 3


Total War Warhammer Dwarf Campaign Part 3 Grobi and Urki led by Grimgor invade the Silver Road. Enjoy! “Our rules have changed. The only constant is WAR …


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  1. can i play this game o n a surface pro 3?

  2. Jonathan Lee says:

    did that army at 39:00 just insta-spawn those heavily chevroned units?

  3. David Lorenz says:

    Hey heir I love this campaign man. Thanks so much.

  4. Huge Greenskin Waaagh Attacks Karaz-a-Karak?

    That's a Grudge.

  5. i was going to play heirofcarthage yesterday in rome ii when we were about to start my computer crashed…this is going in my book of grudges

  6. You can only confederate once every 5 turns.

  7. Can I play this game on my banana?

  8. I'm a little confused about something, as the only Total War I've played is Shogun 2. Could someone explain to me how confederations works?

  9. Mark Hofer says:

    Pre-loading this game right now!!

  10. Can anyone tell me what the difference between global & local recruitment is?

  11. BigBadWolf says:

    What are your unit sizes on? they look a little….small…

  12. Winter Dusk says:

    Heir, Black Crag is ridiculously lucrative. The max level gold mine gives 1800 income per turn! Not a criticism, I'm really enjoying your campaign. Good luck!

  13. Connor says:

    I really do prefer when campaigns have a serious challenge to them. Its no fun to watch people just steam roll the AI and win every battle especially when the AI has an army twice the size and should win but still looses :/. I prefer a hard campaign over an easy one. When I play I like when the AI beats me every now and then and sets me back, so I have to strategize a counter offensive and the campaign lasts and is enjoyable with strong enemy factions not just a bunch of OPM's.

  14. have you ever been told you sound a lot like wowcrendor?

  15. Andmeuths says:

    I think the Top Knotz will conquer all Greenskin lands before you can secure any of it, besides the stray province in the Blood River Valley, while you recruit those Thunderers. And then you are back where you started, except the Top Knotz replaced the Greenskins.

  16. Hey heir! Keep up the good work!

  17. You should move up the army from the south and help thorgrimm take black grac

  18. NoFilter says:

    Do you have to assign the items that you get from battles?

  19. When is next part coming out

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